Saturday, August 29, 2015

Dying Thoughts - Fourth Week by Joey Paul

 Join Tara in the fourth Dying Thoughts book.

Tara has a gift that allows her to see the last moments of someone’s life when she touches something that belonged to them. 

Tara’s finally close to finishing school, but then disaster strikes when Kaolin is kidnapped. Can Tara find her friend in time? Will her gift be able to save her friend before it’s too late? 

What’s the point in having a gift that won’t even help save the ones you love? 

My Review

Sixteen year old Tara Leverton was handed down a gift from her now deceased mother. She doesn't see this as a gift, more like a imposition, most of time. She is able to see the last moments of a dead person's life when she touches something that belonged to them. She is hired by a police inspector to figure out the murder mystery.

Dying Thoughts ~ Fourth Week by Joey Paul is another irresistible escape. A very fulfilling addition to this great series. I love how the author takes you into her Nancy Drew or Harriet The Spy like mysteries with character and charm. She has a conversational style that makes you feel as if you are next to her while she is talking and the story plays out right in front of your eyes. There is great talent in that. A talent I see going somewhere further. Maybe these stories could be made into a motion picture? It would make for great entertainment, as I see it.

Also there are surprises I didn't see coming. Clever and heartwarming! This series is a breath of fresh air as are Miss Paul's other works. I became a huge fan after reading, Lynne and Hope and then Dying Thoughts ~ First Touch.

Dying Thoughts ~ Fourth Week is surprising, quirky, adorable and mesmerizing. 

Quote ~

"Dad arrived to pick me up and barely spoke to me as I got into the car. I could tell he was angry. To be honest, I couldn't blame him, but then again, what would he have done in my situation. If he told me he would have walked away and just let them bad mouth my friends and family, then he was a liar. No one has the willpower to do that, except people who don't know how to fight and cause the maximum amount of damage for the least amount of effort. It seemed to be a skill I'd acquired over the years and wasn't quite sure where I'd got it from. Whatever the reason, I liked having it. It would come in useful when I was older and chasing known murderers and such, then I could bring them down without worrying about overexerting myself."

Joey is 33, disabled, an indie author and a recent graduate with a BA (Hons) in Health & Social Care. She loves to write and is at the moment working on her thirteenth and fourteenth books, as well as preparing her eighth book for publication. She started writing when she was medically retired from her job at the age of 19. Her first book was released in 2005 and after a brief time away, her second one was released in 2011. In addition to writing books, she also enjoys reading them and can often be found resting in bed with a good book, a cat and an ukulele.

Dying Thoughts ~ Fourth Week

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