Monday, February 16, 2015

Mark Barry rocks LA Punk Rocker with 'KING ROCKER'

Excerpt of 'King Rocker' by Mark Barry ~

This is your time. 

Your band change elsewhere in the warren of corridors and rooms behind the stage.  That does not concern you. They do their thing, you do yours. You and the boys will mix after, at Danny’s. You’ll eat burgers, drink soda pop and be merry on all sorts, but for now, you need to remember and you need to prime the bomb. You are tight now. Tighter than a guitar string, taut almost ready to snap. You have rehearsed to the point where you are sick of each other. By now, the internal dynamics of the band are akin to those inside a thermonuclear device -and you are ready to explode it on that LA stage, where the kids are screaming.

Mark Barry is the author of many works of fiction including the cult football hooligan novel, Ultra-Violence, the seriously-reviewed, dark and harrowing romance, Carla, and the feel-good thriller, Hollywood Shakedown.
He lives in the UK and has one son, Matthew, who, so far, shows no sign of following in his father's literary footsteps - though he does fanatically support Notts County (which is a much more important trait).
Mark is also the proprietor of Green Wizard Publishing, a company dedicated to publishing cutting-edge, innovative, and accessible fiction firmly based in reality.
The majority of his books are set in either Southwell ("Wheatley Fields") or Nottingham ("The City"). It is a proud boast that local people who have read his novels can follow the trail of the quirky characters they encounter inside the jacket covers.