Saturday, January 31, 2015

LA Punk Rocker, presented by Brenda Perlin

The first real punk band I had ever heard of was The Sex Pistols even though they were pretty much over by the time I discovered them. By the end of 1978, the Sex Pistols had broken up, and Sid Vicious was found dead from a heroin overdose in New York on February 1, 1979.

L.A. Punk Rocker is filled with raw stories about growing up on the streets of Los Angeles and the passion for music with an attitude. Revisit the eclectic style of the eighties!

Back when U2 were practically unknown, Bad Religion and the Go Go’s played small venues and Billy Idol was sporting his famous scowl. A time when Hollywood was abuzz with new music. Capital records swap-meat, Danny’s Dogs and Errol Flynn’s mansion were places we spent our nights when we weren’t listening to live bands at the Starwood or the Whiskey on Sunset.

We were rebels with a very good cause. We were creative outcasts who got tired of getting abused at school just for being different.

Even though being accepted was never easy and I always had to seek my parents approval for everything, these were the best times of my life. It was then when I had my first taste of freedom. During my punk rocker days I realized it was okay to be an individual.

Many thanks to the contributors of this book that have donated their stories just because their passion lives.

The brilliant author Mark Barry motivated me to visit this #LAPUNKQUEEN and it is because of him that L.A. Punk Rocker is a reality. I adore his enthusiasm and great love of music. 

Much praise to MAB who has been a great help to me with my writing projects. Without her, my books would not exist on Amazon.

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