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The City Has Many Faces, a love story about Mexico City by George Polley is on Amazon

I am so thrilled to share George Polley's new release, "The City Has Many Faces, a love story about Mexico City.” 

I am a fan of George's poetry and and even bigger fan of the man he is. He is charming with much wisdom behind his powerful words. I was so excited to get my hands on this book!

"When Minnesotan Joseph Manning arrives in Mexico City, he experiences a world that is beyond anything he has imagined, a city with an audible heartbeat, a deep-down throbbing that comes from deep beneath the great city twenty-four hours a day. It is also a city of haunted houses, a museum filled with ghosts, an elderly Indian shaman, Aztec ruins, mystery, a brutal cop nicknamed “Snake” that runs a protection racket, laughter and romance. And for Joseph Manning, it is ultimately a love story with a beautiful young woman named Lisa who will not let him go."

I am so inspired by this man that I couldn’t let him walk away without a few questions. Here you go…

(BP) What inspired you to write this story?

       (GP)   A trip to Mexico City in November, 1973. I’d never been in such a place, sitting high up in the Valley of Mexico surrounded by mountains, its history going back at least a thousand years before the first European settlers arrived on the continent. I spent weeks walked around mesmerized, soaking up everything I could: sights, sounds, smells, tastes, places, streams of traffic and people. When I returned to the US two months later, I read everything I could on Mexico City’s history. After all these years, the city is still magical. Finally, after forty years, I’ve written the story the way I’ve always wanted to tell it.”

(BP) That is so wonderful! Makes me want to go there too George. What are your greatest passions? 

       (GP)  People (with all their quirks, foibles and graces, their laughter, tears, silliness and seriousness. Everything about them.

(BP) I love that. What a great answer. Thank you. Have you published before? If not, why now?

       (GP)  Yes. A short story, “Jonah’s Birth”, was published in “The South Dakota Review” in 1970 This was followed by poetry and short stories published in “Crow’s Nest,” “Expanding Horizons,” “The Lake Street Review,” “Wine Rings,” “North American Mentor Magazine,” “Tower Talks,” “Sherlock Holmes in a Flash; new short Holmes stores”, “McLean County (Illinois) Poetry Review,” and “A Rainbow Feast: New Asian Short Stories,” edited by Mohammad A. Quayum and published by Marshall Cavendish Editions, Singapore in 2010.

“The Old Man and The Monkey, a story of a friendship” was published in 2010, “Grandfather and The Raven” in 2010, and “Bear, a story about a boy and his unusual dog” was published in 2012. A poetry collection, “Seeing: collected poems 1973-1999” appeared in 2000.

(BP) You have been around! That is so good. One thing I know most of us are curious about is what are you doing in Japan? What prompted you to move there? 

        (GP)  When I retired from the mental health field at the end of 2007, my wife and I flew from our home in Seattle to Japan to visit her family. By the time we returned in mid-January, we had purchased a condominium in Sapporo, and moved here at the end of March.

      (BP)   That is so good. You must like it there! So nice of you to move closer to the family. What would your wife say is your best attribute?

       (GP)   I understand people I am kind, and I have a good heart.

       (BP)  From my experience with you, I have got to agree with that assessment. Okay, last question my friend.
      What's next for George Polley?

        (GP)   I am not entirely sure, other than republishing three of my books, plus another children’s book about the dog  named bear. The new one is a mystery, titled “Bear in Trouble, an Andy and Bear Mystery.” When Bear is accused of biting an elderly man, it is up to Andy  and his pals to discover who the man is, where he is (he seems to have disappeared), and clear Bear’s name. At this point, I’m giving myself a bit of a rest, so I’m not thinking of any projects, though I do have several that I may work on later next year.

      (BP)  I was excited to read what you put out into the universe. Your stories are really captivating. So grateful that you could share some of your story with us today. I love your answers! Oh and good wishes on your latest release. I just finished The City Has Many Faces!

My Review

"Mexico City is alive, and it is awake. Does it ever sleep? Anyone you ask will tell you that it does not."

"The City Has Many Faces" by George Polley is a delightful book of stories filled with true life force and passion.

From the first page this story comes alive. With great verve the author writes a story with genuine enthusiasm that at the same time has great entertainment value. The words just seem to flow off the page as I am instantly transported to this lively place, Mexico City. I could almost see the landscaping with all the traffic and buzz and smell the exotic foods playing around with my senses. Not only is this city alive but so is the authors easy writing style.

I honestly did not know what to expect other than the fact that I really enjoyed Mr. Polley's beautiful poetry. 


Until early 2008, George Polley fit his writing around a busy mental health career, from which he retired at the end of 2007. From Seattle, Washington (US), he and his wife moved to Sapporo, Japan, in early 2008, where he writes full-time. His novella “The Old Man and The Monkey”, was published in 2010, and two novels, “Grandfather and The Raven” (2010) and “Bear”, a novel about a boy and his unusual dog, were published in 2010 and 2012. He has recently published “The City Has Many Faces, a love story about Mexico City,” published by Tortoise & Hare Publications.

He has been writing and publishing fiction and poetry since the early 1970s. Originally from Seattle, WA, he and his wife live in Sapporo, Japan, moving there in early 2008.

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