Sunday, November 2, 2014

Jane's Carroll's Becoming Bertha is coming November 6th. Perfect time for a pre-order!

I am so pleased to have made it home on time for Jane Carroll's pre-release party for Becoming Bertha. Going on now! 
This is a book that was a pleasure for me to read and I believe it will be one for you too!

Becoming Bertha, sequel to Bertha-Size Your Life!, continues the saga of personal transformation in a lighthearted, entertaining narrative.

As our narrator, Honey, adjusts to moving back to her home town and beginning a writing career, Bertha is still up to her zany antics and wardrobe. Bertha's hands are full what with founding the Sisterhood of the Sacred Flamingo, designing fantasy shoes, writing Putting Your Best Foot Forward: Bertha's Guide to Life and Shoes, and traveling on a national shoe model tour. Yet, she manages to find the time to spar with the cat, climb on a soapbox without warning, and keep her nemesis, Rita, at bay...without smudging her manicure.

Life is good until Bertha begins the shoe model tour, leaving Honey to continue her transformation on her own or revert to her former self. Will Honey follow Bertha's advice to get over who she has been and become who she is?

And...exactly who is she?

My Review ~
Becoming Bertha is energy changing. It reminds us that we have the  power to alter our perspective for a more positive one. With Bertha at her side, Jane Carroll has a special way of spreading her wisdom and inspiration. We all have our own version of Bertha in us. We just have to pay attention and look for her. This I have learned from reading these books.

Everything JaneCarroll does is positive, reenforcing and at the same time moving. You can’t help but take away something good. This book can be applied to our own lives. There is always a better way to look at things. We can only learn and grow but we need to be taught. That is where the author’s special gifts come in handy. Her skills are as special as the late Maya Angelou.

Jane Carroll’s books are treasures. They are uplifting without being preachy like some self-help books. Becoming Bertha gives you ideas in ways you can make everyday changes. Ideas I will always refer back to when I’m having a bad day. This is being accomplished in a joyful and entertaining fashion with many laughs along the way.
Bertha is a character you want to have in your life. Well, maybe the bright green tube tops and florescent stilettos are a bit over the top but I so enjoy reading about Bertha’s latest antics and new outfits!
Quote ~

“Well, obviously you can’t live your truth if you don’t know what it is, any more than you can order your favorite pizza if you don’t know what it is. It really doesn’t matter whether it’s food, or fashion, or jobs, or relationships; you have to know what you want first. Then you have to have the courage and strength to show it to the world… to live it.” 

Please join in on the festivities going on NOW!
Get your party hat on. We are going for a ride that lasts a full week!!!

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How can you not fall in love with Jane... and Bertha?
Gotta love those flamingos too!


  1. Brenda,

    I am humbled and blown away by your kind words. Bertha is even speechless...and we all know that takes a lot!

    Thank you.

    1. It is my pleasure and an honor to know you sweet Jane!

  2. Brenda,
    Great job on the blog!!