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Lilies in the Clearing, the second book in the Spirits of Maine Series by Lydia North is now available on

I just had the pleasure of reading Lydia North’s (AKA Kim Scott's) brand new release, Lilies in the Clearing. This is the second book in the Spirits of Maine Series.

Please join in on the fun August 30th for the Facebook  launch party. This is the sequel to the Ghost Story 'Waiting for Harvey’.

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The 3rd book in this series will be out in late December.

This is the sequel to Waiting for Harvey. 
Erik Rivard survived his time in the cabin with the ghost of Harvey Cloutier. 
Now he's going back to the clearing. 
Harvey is a strong Spirit of the Maine Woods. 
But this time Erik won't be alone. Can he survive another encounter with Harvey?

My review

Lilies in the Clearing (The Spirits of Maine Book 2) by Lydia North is a fabulous follow up to Waiting For Harvey. This is a series that is spooky, clever and most of all difficult to put down. I couldn’t resist the mystery, intrigue and the evil that spread like wildfire. As in the first book, I was hooked right away and had a hard time stepping away from my iPad. This book is dark in a good way. Loved the suspense that kept me guessing throughout. So many unexpected turns. This author is truly gifted. She is skilled, making her characters not only believable but life-like and writing is super smooth. She just has a way of telling a story that makes you feel comfortable, like you are there on the scene. Her descriptions of the surroundings are mesmerizing, setting the scene perfectly. Being frightened was never so much fun. This is a great escape, a real adventure and an entertaining horror ride.

Quote ~

“ I shivered and kept my eyes closed. Something moved behind me. The sound was clear and I felt it brush behind me. I refused to look. With certainty, I knew if I turned around I would see nothing or more than I could deal with. I bit my lower lip and prayed for it to go away.”

Waiting for Harvey (The Spirits of Maine Book 1) 

Erik went into the woods of northern Maine for a vacation. He planned to enjoy three weeks of quiet serenity. But in the cabin nothing was what he expected and his life would never be the same. 
As winter settles over the region Erik begins to question whether he will get away from the woods alive. 
The woods of Maine belong to the spirits who live there. When the whispering begins... RUN

My Review
“Waiting for Harvey” is the first book in the 'The Spirits of Maine’ series by Lydia North. This was an eventful story full of suspense and adventure. I was taken in right away and enjoyed the journey that waited before me.

Waiting for Harvey is an intriguing paranormal story that I found believable. Every word of it. You don’t have to believe in spirits or ghosts to get into the storyline. It is a great escape into the unknown. This is an intriguing story that should make it to the best sellers list. Skillfully written, this book was hard to put down, as I kept thinking about the characters throughout the day. I could see the whole story play out in front of me by the clear descriptions. The setting in Maine was just perfect. It was easy to get a sense of where we were.

This is without a doubt a book you will remember. It tells a great story and does it flawlessly. I was throughly captivated. I highly recommend this book!

Quote ~

The air began to waver, as if it was intensely hot. The scent of a summer thunderstorm filled the room. I stood rooted to the floor with my eyes darting to the left and the right. Something dark passed the window. It appeared as a shadow with no source. The thing stopped, blocking the front door.

“What do you want from me?” I shrieked in terror.”

“Don’t go,” I heard from behind me. I whirled around, but there was no one there.

Kim Scott was born in South Carolina and grew up in Scarborough, Maine. She currently lives near the coast in Southern Maine. My pen name used for my Ghost Stories is Lydia North.
Ms. Scott is the author of:
The Ruth Chernock Series
1.Regarding Ruth, 2. In Ruth's Memory, 3. On Grace's Shoulders & 4. Pink Sky & Mourning
The Spirits of Maine Series (Pen Name Lydia North)
1. Waiting for Harvey, published under my pen name Lydia North.
2. Lilies in the Clearing is coming August 30th 2014.
3. The Talking Walls is coming in January 2015.
Additional titles coming in 2014 & 2015: 'Plummeting' 'Forgive Me Mattie', 'A Solitary Grave in the Maine Woods' & 'The Talking Walls'.
Facebook: Regarding Ruth &

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