Saturday, July 26, 2014

New Release Alert! Joey Paul's Waiting On You!

Today I have the pleasure to share with you Joey Paul’s new release, Waiting On You. Her books are filled with heart. I describe them as a modern Harriet the Spy. There is no way not to be moved by these stories and this one is just as good as the others, if not better.

Angelina and Zack couldn’t be anymore different; one lives in apparent riches and the other in poverty. 

They meet online and a friendship blooms, but then things in Angelina’s life take a turn for the worst and she finds herself turning to the only person she thinks loves her – Zack. 

With everything against them, can Zack and Angelina cross the distance to change her life before it's too late? Or will Zack have to watch from afar as Angelina continues to suffer? 

My Review
Waiting On You by Joey Paul takes you right into the main characters life. Angelina (Ange is what her friends would call her if she had any) is a likable character that pulls on your heartstrings. Her emotions are life-like and it is impossible not to feel for her. She lives under difficult circumstances. Her family is abusive and she is endlessly bullied by her classmates. This book tackles several difficult subject and does so with grace.

 Joey Paul manages to draw characters that you feel for. She has a way of making the reader care. That is a great gift. This story is adorable, touching and at times emotional. I enjoyed getting in the mind of the two main characters and I hope to be reunited with them both in another book. Wasn't quite ready to let go of Ange or Zach.

I like how the author writes like a person talks. There is something so relatable in her stories. It's real life with all the growing pains, insecurities, sufferings, and losses.

Waiting On You is an intriguing read that takes you into someone else's life. I was so compelled to find out more that I managed to read this book in one sitting. It was a powerful read that left me wanting more. To me, in some ways this is a quirky Romeo and Juliette story. Highly recommend.

Joey Paul is a writer, exploring the young adult crime genre. She has released seven books in total so far, but plans to write more. She is currently working on her eleventh and twelfth books. Her current works include the series "Dying Thoughts" and she plans to continue that for at least seven books, maybe more. Her other works are usually books about the many trials and tribulations of being a teenager, sometimes with a crime twist.
Joey is disabled and a recent graduate from The Open University with a BA (Hons) in Health & Social Care. When not reading medical textbooks, she enjoys reading crime novels, medical dramas and chick-lit. When not reading, she relaxes by playing the ukulele. And when she's not doing THAT, she's sleeping! She recently turned 32 and has been writing since she was retired from her job on medical grounds at the age of 19. She plans to write for as long as she has ideas or until someone tells her to stop!


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  1. Looks like a great Y/A read. Wishing Joey Paul much success.