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Katie St. Claire, Author of Second Hand Stops and Rewind Forward braves the Q &A!

I can't tell you how thrilled I am to have the brilliant Katie St. Claire on my blog. When I met her I had no idea then what a force she really was. Her books Second Hand Stop and Rewind Forward blew me away. There is nothing that is not cool about this beautiful young woman. From the titles, the book covers and then of course the stand out writing. She has something special. Something I rarely have seen, if ever.

I asked Katie some questions and her answers might surprise you. 

Here we go!

Your real name and pen name.  

Sydney Edmonds, 
Pen name: Katie St. Claire

Please share some of the best memories of your childhood. 

I loved to stay with my grandma and play with the next-door neighbor children. Those are the happiest memories I have growing up. I remember being really creative, sensitive, and silly as a little girl. My sense of humor was outrageous and I loved to laugh...still do.

Tell us about your education. 

I have a bachelor's in social work and master's in business administration. 

Were you always a writer?

Not really. I started writing in my teens and wrote voraciously for a few years. I've always written poetry and short stories, but after becoming a freelance writer while still in college, it sparked my love of writing once again. I took it from business research to the fiction world, and oh what a ride.

What languages can you speak and write? 

I'm pretty good at English, I think. Sometimes.  

Haha. Funny girl! What is your biggest source of inspiration in life? 

I'm inspired by anything and everything. I get most of my inspiration through interacting with people, though. I'll listen to music, read books, watch a good tv series, look at art, create art, or just think. Sometimes my dreams and daydreams have spawned some of my most creative ideas.

What hurts you most in this world? 

People who intentionally hurt others. Crimes against humanity and animals. Bullying. 

I am so glad you said that. I am with you Katie.
What is your favorite genre and why? 

I have been pretty partial to paranormal for a long time, but have since broadened my horizons a whole wow, a whole lot. I've even read horror and crazy stuff that wouldn't even cross my desk if it weren't for being involved in Indie Author world. It's like this underground community of deviants. Just kidding...well not really.  

What is the purpose of your writing?

Honestly, it's a creative outlet. Writing for me is like breathing, and it's how I express emotions, thoughts, creative ideas, etcetera, and so forth. After that, it's to entertain others. I truly hope that people enjoy what I write. 

Which of your works have been published so far? 

Oh my, gosh. Many, many articles, research papers, oh and did I mention I published two paranormal books, which don't really fall into one pigeon holed category? Second Hand Stops and Rewind Forward.  

Those two books are brilliant, by the way. Any works in progress? 

I'm currently working on the third book in my series, Twelfth Hour, and a standalone titled Unleashing Amy. 

What are your future plans? 

To keep writing until I die. To garden until there's not one square inch of free space on my property. To travel to different places around the world. And raise my son to be a fine young man. 

Awe. That is so sweet! What top four things do you consider while writing a book? 

  • I want my characters and dialogue to be realistic. If I'm doing it correctly, the reader should feel like the person narrating the story, because I write in first person POV. 

  • Is the reader imagining the scenes in their mind while reading what I wrote? Again, I want the story to feel as if the reader is living it.

  • Realistic dialogue.

  • Are my readers entertained?

I think you have accomplished all four. In fact, I know you did. 
 What is your dream destination on Earth?   

Sigh. You were just there. Bora Bora is on my Not To Be Missed list.

You didn't hear the news. We had to get tendered off the ship in Maui and never made it to Bora Bora so it's still on my list too. :-(
Your origin of birth and other countries you have visited/ stayed. 

North Dakota. I've been to Mexico many times, pretty much all the Caribbean islands, and Venezuela.

What did you like best about these countries around the globe?  

I love tropical climates and would like to move to one, stat. Like right now. Ready when you are!

Yes, I am ready! Your favorite time of day? 

It depends on the season. In the summer, I love the very early hours when the birds are chirping outside my window. There is no better way to wake up in the morning. I guess I love any time of the day when I'm happy and content.

Your favorite color and why?  

White because it's pure and refreshing. I love to wear the color white and without it, no other color would exist, right?

Your favorite book and why? 

The Bible. It's a great source of wisdom and inspiration. Outside of that, I could never name just one, because I have so many authors I adore and really enjoy reading. You're one of them miss thing. 

Your favorite celebrity and why?  

I tend to love the funny ones. If you're funny, you're in like Flynn with me. Who is Flynn, anyway?

Your favorite food?  

Crab legs with drawn butter.

Some quickies: 

Sun or Moon:  Sunshine all the way
Laughter or Smile:  Laughter
Morning or Evening:  Morning
Coffee or Tea:  Coffee
Mountain or Sea:   Sea
Long Drive or Short Drive:  Long drive
Silence or Conversation:  Silence
Water or Fire:  Water
Air or Earth:  Air
Mars or Jupiter:  Mars
Tulip or Rose:  Tulip
Red or Blue: Blue
Left or Right:  Left
Glance or Stare:  Stare (I tend to do this). I know, I know. Bad habit.

State your signature line/ tagline/ best quote: The world is only as small as your mind makes it.

The last line of your autobiography would be… and she left a footprint.

Awesome Miss St. Claire. That was so much fun. You have no idea how much I admire you. I hate to gush but your books are just so darn good. Also, if I haven't told you before, I love your style. So smart girlfriend! 

Second Hand Stops: Book I: Black Moons

Nestled in the sleepy town of Chipping Campden, England, Julia Malone has a destiny she never imagined. Forced to drink an unknown substance, her gifts begin morphing into something altogether extraordinary. A mysterious benefactor whisks her and five other orphans to New York City, and life as they know it will never be the same. 

Armed with telepathy and a curious disposition, Julia sets out to make her mark as vice president of product development at Van Buren Industries. A cataclysmic secret is brewing in the labs, and has the capacity to change the world. With Claude Van Buren by her side, she never knows whether she's in the company of family, or a lunatic on the brink of world destruction. It is a madcap journey into the lives of six unique teenagers destined for way or another. 

"That's an offer a girl can't refuse—if you'll both excuse me?" My hips sashay in rhythm with the clacking of stilettos on hardwood floors, and I silently thank God I'm female. 

Guys will never get away with theatrical departures like that, and for the first time in my life I feel powerful. 

Rewind Forward: Book II: Jade Moons

Julia Malone's adventures continue where Second Hand Stops left off. In Rewind Forward, she's on a collision course with heartbreak, hidden family secrets, and an almost unimaginable power. Her abilities are evolving, and something reveals her past, present and future in a way that is nothing less than spectacular. 

Van Buren Industries releases a new line of facial cream called Immortality and it flies off the shelves of major department stores. Are catastrophic repercussions brewing on the horizon? Only time can answer that question… 

As an author, I like to create characters and plots that leave readers wondering if 'this' could really happen. I ponder the unseen world, and project myself into realms of theory and speculation that make for interesting storytelling.
I've spent a lifetime trying to understand people, their motivations, and what makes them tick. In essence, people fascinate me and I plan to develop characters in the future that closely resemble some of the stranger specimens I've encountered over the years. I've got a scientific mind with a supernatural soul, and when those two things cross paths, curious things pour from my head.
'Second Hand Stops' began as a completely different novel about four years ago. Over time, I realized it should take a different direction, which would put female readers in the lead character's shoes. There is a little bit of Katie St. Claire in everything I write, but for the most part, my characters are complete works of fiction. My inspiration comes from people, experiences, poetry, songs, art, literature, and sometimes...from obscure things I find fascinating.
The second book, Rewind Forward, picks up where Nic and Julia left off. The third installment in the series, Twelfth Hour, will release Summer 2014!
If you like my book(s), please don't forget to write a review on Amazon and tell your friends. Your feedback is highly appreciated.
Much love always,
Katie St. Claire

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