Saturday, March 15, 2014

G Mitchell Baker's Lethal Believers - The Innocents is on sale for $1.99 on

Someone has been hurting children and Danta vows to find them. As the sinister Mantid Tranquil rises to protect its criminal maneuvering, Danta is empowered by those from other dimensions to honor his commitment and defend The Innocents.

"Lethal Believers: The Innocents" is about an elusive mythos that backs Danta's role for protecting children from the exploitation of Mantid Tranquil. The story of "Lethal Believers: DVM" has Danta formally partnered with myth Lamia, the mythos seeking rehabilitation from the wrongly attributed actions of a monster. Together, they set out to protect not only the innocent children, but defenseless animals as well. Will Danta protect The Innocents from those successfully sinister figures of Mantid Tranquil, or, will the task overwhelm the dedicated protector and supportive myth?

Jon Emerson, no longer the arrogant legal professional and sovereign over meaningless relationships, finds himself on the streets of Seattle, eventually experiencing meaningful relationships with the likes of Bug Dog, Chilly, Lutza, Speedy G, Abra, and Dana. They all, in their own way remind, and sometimes teach Jon to remain involved in his Childrens’ lives, and to honor their need for their father, to remain involved.

G. Mitchell Baker or 'G.M. Baker' traditionally publishes novels in genres of contemporary fiction, paranormal metaphysical mystery, bio-social science fiction, and young adult/middle grade fiction. Having worked with no less than four publishers, Baker considers it a privilege to continue his partnership with the exclusive small-press, Master Koda Select Publishing. Until recently, Baker lived between the southwest United States and western Canada drawing his experience to write from a diverse career practicing law, having lived in many places, and, while maintaining a broad range of interests in sport that include having played baseball at national championship levels and competing high levels in more than one discipline of Karate. Baker enjoys cycling, writing novels, contributing to magazines and anthologies as well as writing feature length movie screenplays. Baker enjoys writing stories he finds may be both original, and of interest.


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