Thursday, March 6, 2014

Author Alisha Guenzel's "Unspoken Dreams" is NOW available on!

 Unspoken Dreams by Author Alisha Guenzel has been released. I just finished reading this book and it really touched me. It's a moving story that is entertaining and thought provoking.

"Samantha had always had big dreams of becoming a journalist for The New York Times. So the day of her college graduation she felt like she was on top of the world. She was going to get her dream job, she had was with the love of her life Jonathan Carson, and life couldn’t get better. But when she took a pregnancy test that tested positive her whole world changed. It wasn’t till eight years later when she went home for her niece’s birth that she realized she still had Unspoken Dreams.
Now I won’t give any spoilers here, but I will say it’s a romance. But it is also a family drama. What I hope to accomplish in Unspoken Dreams is to spread the feeling of hope. Hope, for the young girl that picks it up and wants to fall in love. Hope, for the single mother who at the end of the day is tired and doesn’t know when the chaos will ever end. But my biggest hope I want to spread is the hope, that Autism is not the end of a child’s life, only the beginning."

Yes, I said Autism. One spoiler alert! Jaime, Samantha’s son has autism. My audience will be wide between teenagers, romantics, mothers, and I hope and parents with children on the spectrum. Because although it can be challenging I know from experience, it’s also a blessing. I look at my own son and his challenges and I see great things for him. 
My Review
“Unspoken Dreams” is an honest story that is filled with heartbreak and hardship yet there is a silver lining. There is an inspiring message that rings true. Something about the importance of love and family. Family values is something that gets overlooked these days and this story serves a positive message. 

There was nothing fancy about this story though it was written from a deep place of the author’s soul. That is very apparent. This is a well developed story that pulled me in emotionally. I became attached to the characters and the dialog flew naturally. This is a compelling read with a sincere message. Unspoken dreams very well may come true.

"Before opening the door she took a deep breath and said authentic prayer for guidance and patience. She knew it wasn't her son's fault he couldn't express himself, but he did choose how to express himself. She never put up with his tantrums and she wasn't going to start now. No matter what the cause."

Alisha is having a release party April 5th 2014 in honor of Autism Awareness.  But the message of Autism is only half the story. It’s about a woman who is given a deck of cards and how she deals with everything from parenthood, work, and most of all her Unspoken Dreams.
Once the link is available we will share!

Hi, my name is Alisha Guenzel and I’m the author of Unspoken Dreams. I’m a new author and everything that has happened in the past three months has been great. I will tell you a little bit about me before I get into Unspoken Dreams.
I’m a thirty-one year old who is finally living her ‘unspoken dream’. I live on a little ranch in NM with my husband and five kids. I have horses and dogs that keep me busy, but when I need down time I write.  When I was a kid I wrote to escape the real world. I still do at times, but now when I write, I have a purpose. To build a story. That is what I did with Unspoken Dreams.
The first time I thought about writing Unspoken Dreams was when I was a teenager. I had always written little stories from the time I was eight but it wasn’t until I was a teenager that my passion really grew into the dream of being a published author. But that dream was put on hold when life happened. 
I found the old manuscript of Unspoken Dreams and since last year I’ve been working on making it a better story a 3-D story you may say. The characters are more alive now than they were when I first created the story. 


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