Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Wowing this Wednesday with River Dream author, Douglas Davis!

Meet easter North Carolina author DW Davis. He is one of the most kind and charming person you could ever cross paths with. Before knowing the man, I fell in love with his first book in his series, River Dream. Since then we have become friends and I have fallen in love with him and his other two books,  Dreams Change and Dreams Adrift. This is one of the best romance trilogies I have ever read. Maybe you will fall in love like I did. :-)

                              RIVER DREAM

RIVER DREAM is a young adult novel set in southeastern North Carolina in the late 1970s. The story follows two best friends, Michael and Rhiannon, from middle school through high school, as they learn about loyalty, loss, love, and the real meaning of friendship. Rhiannon and sailing are Michael’s two greatest loves. Sailing is the one thing he can always count on. Rhiannon is the one he can count on to keep him confused.  Michael’s loved Rhiannon since they were kids, but she has rules against dating her best friend. Rhiannon loves Michael, but won’t let herself show it. Then, as high school begins, the new girl in town sets her sites on Michael. What will Rhiannon’s rules cost her, and will she ever get to show Michael she really does love him, too?

                                       DREAMS CHANGE

DREAMS CHANGE is the much anticipated second book of the River Dream series. It begins four years after high school graduation with Michael’s return to North Carolina after being medically discharged from the Navy. Michael's dream of a life with Rhiannon changes when she chooses to stay with the Peace Corps in Africa rather than rushing home to be by Michael’s side while he struggles to overcome his wounds and restart his life. Maeve, his summer love from long ago, re-enters his life and a new dream begins to grow in his heart. But his new start is haunted by events that Michael keeps locked deep in his memory. 

                                  DREAMS ADRIFT

DREAMS ADRIFT is the much anticipated third book of the River Dream series. It begins immediately after the end of DREAMS CHANGE. In DREAMS ADRIFT, Michael and Maeve are about to renew their vows in the big, beach side wedding Maeve had always dreamed of when Rhiannon’s unexpected arrival threatens to derail their plans. Will Rhiannon be able to win Mike back, or will his new love for Maeve be stronger than his old feelings for his high school sweetheart? The fates once conspired to change Michael’s dreams. Are they now conspiring to set his DREAMS ADRIFT?

Thank you for your interest in DREAMS ADRIFT, and may all your River Dreams come true.

DW Davis is an independent author of young adult romance novels told from the guy's perspective. RIVER DREAM was his first novel. DREAMS CHANGE and DREAMS ADRIFT continue the story begun in RIVER DREAM.
DW’s writing reflects his memories growing up along the North Carolina coast near Wrightsville and Carolina Beaches. DW left that area when he graduated high school and traveled half-way around the world and back collecting memories and experiences which help shape his characters. Now back in eastern North Carolina, DW enjoys bringing to life characters whose adventures take place in his favorite part of the world.

Thank you for your interest in RIVER DREAM, and may all your River Dreams come true.
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