Saturday, January 4, 2014

The Making of the children's book "Ty The Bull"

Rex is joining me today on my blog. Together we are working on a children's book about two relevant topics, bullying and divorce. This story is based on true life events told from a ten year old boy who is rising against adversity. He is learning to live his childhood years that are far from a fairytale. 
Rex is very artistic and I am proud to be featuring his artwork in this book. This story is full of humanity as this young boy endures life's hardships from his own perspective. All illustrations are by Rex.

"I love both my parents very much and I wish things could go back to the way they were before, when we were a real family. That is what I want above everything else. Even more than a new computer or the latest IPad. Those things would be great but if I could wish for anything it would be for my parents to be back together. Life was good back then. Before all this divorce stuff. Even though they had fights, I liked knowing I could live in a house with both mom and dad."

Rex lives in Southern California with his mother. He is ten years old and his passions are his scooter, mixed martial arts, and drawing. 

Thank you Crystal Schall for your help & input and now Kim Mutch Emerson will be adding her magic to make this heartfelt meaningful story come to life. 

Wait until you see the cover Danielle Drake designed!!! Wow!!!!

All proceeds go to Rex's college fund.

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