Friday, January 31, 2014

Luke’s Dragon (Dreamworld #1) by Cathy Boyd

Have you ever been so afraid of something that the only way to stay sane was to find an escape, even if the only escape is a dream?
That’s how ten year old Luke deals with his fear of storms. His dreams are vivid and fun and usually consist of dragons and wizards. Then one morning he wakes ups with what he thought was his toy dragon to find Gage is no longer a stuffed toy but a real dragon.  One with a dangerous secret!
Why must Luke get Gage back to dreamland before the full moon? Does Luke really want Gage to return to Dreamland?
Join Luke Andrews on his first adventure to Dreamland ad help him convince an army of dragons and an evil wizard to help him get his friend back to where he belongs. Before it’s too late.


                                              CHAPTER ONE
The Storm

Gigantic, jagged streaks of lightning flashed through the sky as Luke stared out the window beside his bed, his big blue eyes wide with fear. Yeah, he knew a twelve year old boy shouldn’t be so afraid of storms, but he just couldn’t help remembering when the tornado came through town, literally blowing close to half of it away. Sure it happened almost five years ago, but every time it stormed this bad, he remembered it like it was yesterday. Everyone in town managed to survive, but that didn’t stop the memories. Every flash, every boom of thunder, and with every howl of the wind, he could see and hear the windows shatter when his family huddled together in the bathroom. He could feel the goose bumps on his arms and the hair standing on his neck from the fear of the approaching storm.
Hearing him moving around frantically in his room, his mother shouted, “Luke, it’s going to pass over us. Go to bed. You have school in the morning!” Luke looked out again. Man, it sure is dark, but the thunder and lightning has stopped. The wind had quieted down considerably, too. He grabbed his favorite stuffed dragon off the dresser where he kept it. Well, except for stormy nights like this. So what if he was too old to sleep with a stuffed animal? Who’s gonna know, but him and the toy?  It couldn’t talk!
Gage wasn’t any ordinary stuffed animal. He wasn’t small and furry or plush. Larger than a bed pillow, he was made of a soft vinyl, his scales artfully crafted in shades of reds, yellows and oranges. Luke’s Aunt Cathy had given it to him for Christmas a couple of years back, when he was into reading adventure stories of dragons and such. Well he still was, and he still liked the dragon. Tucking Gage in beside him, and putting his favorite DVD in the machine, Luke turned the lamp on by the bed. Why do they call those bulbs black when they look blue? Luke wondered to himself? Before he knew it, he had drifted off to dreamland.
Luke was jerked awake abruptly by a deafening BOOM! 
  Cathy has always been a dreamer. In her dreams she is a beautician, business owner, masseuse, physical therapist, social worker, private detective, Ranch owner, veterinarian, florist wedding planner, exotic dancer, even a gay man, vampire, and all sorts of shifters. 
    In real life she is a retired woman in her fifties though she acts like she is still in her thirties, married living in a unique dome house in a small river town in the Midwest with her Hubbie, her three year old dog Molly that thinks she is human or a cat, and a brood of kitties that hide underneath her house. 
   She is retired from 19 years of retail sales management specializing in jewelry sales and  her two lovely children are grown and flew the nest to achieve their own dreams and leave tier mother to hers.
 Now she devotes her time to writing about all the above mentioned things in her dreams adding in plenty of romance and suspense.
   In her spare time she likes to play with her many grandchildren, garden, cook, craft, sew, crochet and create things from trash and things she finds interesting like, bottles, rocks, old clothes, etc. Yes she is a huge packrat. She is also a chronic dieter and likes to read on the treadmill. She loves to read and will find any excuse to do so. She also likes to chat on Facebook and make new friends. 

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