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Luke’s Dragon (Dreamworld #1) by Cathy Boyd

Have you ever been so afraid of something that the only way to stay sane was to find an escape, even if the only escape is a dream?
That’s how ten year old Luke deals with his fear of storms. His dreams are vivid and fun and usually consist of dragons and wizards. Then one morning he wakes ups with what he thought was his toy dragon to find Gage is no longer a stuffed toy but a real dragon.  One with a dangerous secret!
Why must Luke get Gage back to dreamland before the full moon? Does Luke really want Gage to return to Dreamland?
Join Luke Andrews on his first adventure to Dreamland ad help him convince an army of dragons and an evil wizard to help him get his friend back to where he belongs. Before it’s too late.


                                              CHAPTER ONE
The Storm

Gigantic, jagged streaks of lightning flashed through the sky as Luke stared out the window beside his bed, his big blue eyes wide with fear. Yeah, he knew a twelve year old boy shouldn’t be so afraid of storms, but he just couldn’t help remembering when the tornado came through town, literally blowing close to half of it away. Sure it happened almost five years ago, but every time it stormed this bad, he remembered it like it was yesterday. Everyone in town managed to survive, but that didn’t stop the memories. Every flash, every boom of thunder, and with every howl of the wind, he could see and hear the windows shatter when his family huddled together in the bathroom. He could feel the goose bumps on his arms and the hair standing on his neck from the fear of the approaching storm.
Hearing him moving around frantically in his room, his mother shouted, “Luke, it’s going to pass over us. Go to bed. You have school in the morning!” Luke looked out again. Man, it sure is dark, but the thunder and lightning has stopped. The wind had quieted down considerably, too. He grabbed his favorite stuffed dragon off the dresser where he kept it. Well, except for stormy nights like this. So what if he was too old to sleep with a stuffed animal? Who’s gonna know, but him and the toy?  It couldn’t talk!
Gage wasn’t any ordinary stuffed animal. He wasn’t small and furry or plush. Larger than a bed pillow, he was made of a soft vinyl, his scales artfully crafted in shades of reds, yellows and oranges. Luke’s Aunt Cathy had given it to him for Christmas a couple of years back, when he was into reading adventure stories of dragons and such. Well he still was, and he still liked the dragon. Tucking Gage in beside him, and putting his favorite DVD in the machine, Luke turned the lamp on by the bed. Why do they call those bulbs black when they look blue? Luke wondered to himself? Before he knew it, he had drifted off to dreamland.
Luke was jerked awake abruptly by a deafening BOOM! 
  Cathy has always been a dreamer. In her dreams she is a beautician, business owner, masseuse, physical therapist, social worker, private detective, Ranch owner, veterinarian, florist wedding planner, exotic dancer, even a gay man, vampire, and all sorts of shifters. 
    In real life she is a retired woman in her fifties though she acts like she is still in her thirties, married living in a unique dome house in a small river town in the Midwest with her Hubbie, her three year old dog Molly that thinks she is human or a cat, and a brood of kitties that hide underneath her house. 
   She is retired from 19 years of retail sales management specializing in jewelry sales and  her two lovely children are grown and flew the nest to achieve their own dreams and leave tier mother to hers.
 Now she devotes her time to writing about all the above mentioned things in her dreams adding in plenty of romance and suspense.
   In her spare time she likes to play with her many grandchildren, garden, cook, craft, sew, crochet and create things from trash and things she finds interesting like, bottles, rocks, old clothes, etc. Yes she is a huge packrat. She is also a chronic dieter and likes to read on the treadmill. She loves to read and will find any excuse to do so. She also likes to chat on Facebook and make new friends. 

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Twitter: @cathybrockman- 

Fading by Heather Kirchhoff

What if you’re told you won’t live another year? What if you feel yourself slowly dying inside? What if you try to do everything you can to not hurt those you love, to live the rest of your days to the fullest? For sixteen-year-old Jennifer that’s exactly what happens. She now struggles, knowing exactly what will happen if she dies. She does her best to live a carefree life, to not question anything, but it’s harder then she thought it’d be. After all how can you say goodbye to those you love while you still have time? How can you show your fears without breaking them?

Expected publication: May 3rd.

 Heather Kirchhoff lives in a small town in Missouri with her three parents, siblings, a dog, and two cats. She became a bookworm back in sixth grade when her teacher suggested the Phantom Stallion series by Terri Farley and instantly fell in love. She loves reading paranormal stories, plus some love ones here and there. Writing is her passion-it helps her escape the world for a while, as well as reading-she doesn’t know what she’d do without it. She just loves it. When she isn’t writing, Heather is doing odd jobs, reading, taking walks, or spending time with her boyfriend and animals/family. Heather is currently a junior in high school. 

Follow Heather: 

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The Briton and the Dane: Timeline by Mary Ann Bernal Book Launch

I am so happy to annouce the release of Mary Ann Bernal's latest release!

 The Briton and the Dane: Timeline.

Dr. Gwyneth Franger is a renowned expert in early medieval England who is set upon learning the truth about the death of Lord Erik, the last descendant of the powerful House of Wareham. Her quest becomes an obsession, a condition that began with the discovery of a portrait of the tall and valiant warrior with which she forms an extraordinary and inexplicable bond.
Digesting troves of mildewed scrolls and source documentation only enhances her belief that Lord Erik was brutally assassinated by a cabal of traitors in the pay of William the Bastard, shortly before the onslaught of the Norman Invasion.
On an archeological dig in Southern England, her team unearths an Anglo-Saxon fortress, a vast citadel built during the reign of Alfred the Great, which she believes was Lord Erik's stronghold. In the midst of her excitement, she is awakened one night from her slumbers by a disconcerting anomaly emerging from the site.

Dr. Franger finds herself transported back to the Dark Ages and at the side of the noble Lord Erik who commands an army of elite Saxon warriors, a swift and mobile force able to deploy quickly throughout the kingdom to ward off invaders.

Witnessing the unrest firsthand, Gwyneth senses that her instincts had been right all along, and she is determined to learn the identities of the treacherous blackguards hiding in the shadows, villains who may well be posing as Lord Erik's friends and counselors.

Will Gwyneth stop the assassins? Is she strong enough to walk away and watch her beloved Erik die? Or will she intervene, change the course of history and wipe out an entire timeline to save the man she loves with all her heart?

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Wowing this Wednesday with the lovely and talented Greta Burroughs!

I am delighted to have author Greta Burroughs on my blog today. She is an inspiration to many and a dear friend of mine. My life has changed for the better just knowing her.

Please check out our Q & A where you will learn about this great humanitarian and her great books.

Thank you for joining me today Greta. If you could change one thing about our world, what would it be and why?
I would change people’s attitudes. So many folks just don’t care about how their actions affect others, our environment or events. They are negative influences that can easily be changed if people stopped to think about what they are doing. One smile, one good deed or one compliment can have a ripple effect and make a big difference.

If you knew the exact date of your death down to the minute, what would you change about your life starting tomorrow?

I have always tried to be a positive person but I would make a concentrated effort to do better. All the things I usually put off until tomorrow would be accomplished today, if possible. I would spend more time with our kids (two-legged and four-legged) and try to give them my undivided attention and give more hugs to them and my husband. When I depart this Earth, I want people to be glad they knew me and have plenty of good times to remember.

If you could go back in time to when you were seven years old, what wisdom or advice would you pass on to yourself?

I was a fat kid and a bit obnoxious. I would tell myself one piece of Grandma’s cake was enough and I didn’t need to eat three pieces before leaving the table. As for being obnoxious, what could I tell myself that my mother didn’t say to me? For one thing, I’d be meaner than she was and give myself a kick every time I started getting on people’s nerves.

For what are you grateful?

I have so many things to be grateful for. I had the best parents in the world, even though I never realized it until later on in life. My husband is my best friend and a wonderful gift that keeps on giving. Through him, I have a wonderful step-daughter and her family. We don’t have a fancy house or lots of material things but I have everything I need. We have been blessed with a good life and I am happy. What more could I want?

Who is your favorite character from your book and why? 

Alyson from the Wee People books. She’s a little like me - a goofball that means well but not always successful. Plus, she was named for my mother.

Tell us about one of your books. 

MG/YA fantasy

One Sentence Synopsis

Two boys fall into a strange new world and discover they can accomplish the impossible with a little help from their friends.

Gerald and his best friend, Vernon discover a mysterious spot in the woods where Gerald visualizes a miniature village complete with wee inhabitants. He enjoys going back to that spot and watching the day to day activities until trouble starts in the village and he tries to convince Vernon that the "visions" are real and the wee people need help. 
While trying to prove that the whole thing is just Gerald's wild imagination, the boys literally fall into the new world and get caught up in a war. The boys come up with ways to keep the invading force from entering the village but another solution has to be found in order to put an end to the conflict. 
Along with a few companions from the village, Gerald and Vernon embark on a quest to face down the deranged forest god who instigated the mayhem. The dangerous path is laid out by an ancient prophecy, but not everything goes as planned.


Why they had to hurry, Gerald did not know but something in the back of his mind kept telling him that time was running out. It took a few minutes, but all the boys were finally awake, a little groggy but ready to move.
The problem was that everything seemed to be happening in slow motion. The heat was almost unbearable. It was a major effort to put one foot in front of the other. Gerald reminded the rest of his team that it was Miach’s way of keeping them from reaching their destination. But this time the illusion did not stop when he mentioned the forest god being up to his old tricks.
This time it was no illusion. The walls burned their hands, the hot air burned their throats. The floor was sticky with some kind of hot substance that burned their feet through their shoes. They began to hear a distant sound like the laughter they had heard earlier.
Cian fell to his knees and cried out in pain as the scalding liquid burned his skin. “I can’t go on, just leave me here to die,” he screamed.
Tomas reached out to his brother and tried to help him up. It was no use; he was too weak and exhausted. In a very weak voice he said, “You all go on. I’ll stay with Cian. I can’t go another step anyway.”
No one else said a word, the other two boys were too tired to talk, too tired to walk, too tired to care.
This was not supposed to be happening. Gerald did not remember this from his nightmares. Something was wrong. He yelled to whoever was listening, “Did we take a wrong turn or something? Stop it Miach, stop it. You want me, leave my friends alone.”
That just made matters worse. The scampering, unseen creatures came out of nowhere. They did not just run past this time but stayed and started pinching and biting the legs and arms of Gerald’s companions. For some strange reason though, the creatures did not bother him.
All four of his companions were down, rolling around on the ground trying to fight off the shadowy figures. The screams intensified from his friends as the burning liquid covered their bodies and the creatures’ biting turned to gnawing. Gerald could hear pieces of flesh being torn away as the other boys were being eaten alive. The laughter was all around them now bouncing off the walls and echoing through Gerald’s head.
“Stop it, stop it now. Please, I’ll do anything you want, Miach, just stop the noise, and stop torturing my friends.”
Total silence fell. All the gnawing, screaming and laughter were gone. Gerald did not know if the total lack of sound was worse than all the noise. He noticed a light shining above him. He looked around and realized he was all alone.
A voice spoke inside his mind and said, “Anything I want, huh,” followed by a soft, haunting chuckle.


Author’s Bio
Greta Burroughs loves to read. No matter where she is, there is always a book close at hand. Her love of reading began at an early age and blossomed over time to include many different genres, her favorite now being fantasy.
As a preschool and elementary school teacher, Greta tried to instill the joy of reading in the children she worked with. Books were an important part of her classroom and story time was the highlight of the day.
It has been a while since Greta was in a classroom but she had lots of experience in reading to children of various ages and remembers what they enjoyed listening to. She tries to incorporate that knowledge into her work as an author and believes it makes her a better writer of children's and young adult books.
She now resides in SC with her husband, Robert and three dogs. Greta has six books published at the present time; three children’s books in the Patchwork Dog and Calico Cat series, two MG/YA fantasy entitled Gerald and the Wee People and House on Bo-Kay Lane, and a nonfiction account of her experiences with an autoimmune blood disorder called ITP - Heartaches and Miracles.

For more information on Greta's books visit

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Tammy Novak, author of the best selling thriller, The Abduction Of Lilly Waters

“Sucking in her fear she tried once again to unlock the stubborn bathroom lock. Finally, she was able to get it to click and she threw the door open. It slammed with a loud thud against the side wall. She didn’t know how much time had passed. It must’ve only been several seconds, but seconds when a child’s safety is concerned is too long. The bathroom was empty; Lilly was gone.”

Wowing Wednesday continues. This week I have the pleasure of highlighting Tammy Novak, author of the best selling thriller, The Abduction Of Lilly.

Beth had never anticipated her life would end up like it did. The last beating she received at the hands of her boyfriend threw her over the edge. She had to escape him, so she fled taking her daughter Lilly with her. She didn’t know where she’d go, but she didn’t care. All she could manage to think about was her unborn child and her daughter Lilly.

The frequent stops the mother and daughter had to make were uneventful until Beth pulled into a Diner in Moore, Oklahoma where her daughter Lilly was taken by unseen hands.

Detective’s Daniel Prescott and Frank Martinez head the investigation trying relentlessly to solve the case before it’s too late. These days, when children are taken it’s a unified frenzy to find them. In this case, every lead turns up empty and every turn they take reveals a clue they couldn’t have anticipated. The detectives aren’t quite sure where to turn or who to trust; even the mother herself is a prime suspect.

The Abduction of Lilly Waters is a fast paced child abduction thriller that will leave you on the edge of your seat in anticipation until the end where you’ll discover the deepest and darkest secret waiting.

Biography of T.M. Novak

Tammy was born in Waterbury, Connecticut eight minutes before her twin brother. She comes from a large family with seven brothers and sisters, and eleven nieces and nephews so far. She grew up in Southern California and currently lives in Prescott, Arizona.

Tammy married her high school sweet heart Gary in 1994 and they have four sons’ together. She received her teaching degree from Northern Arizona University in 2010 and is currently a teacher in Mayer, Arizona.

The Abduction of Lilly Waters is her debut novel and there are several other works in progress; she has a Y.A. series in the works called Butterfly Lake, and a children’s book series called, The Big Green Dinosaur which will be published under Tammy Moore. Her sister Latisha Wood is expected to illustrate them for her.

The things that inspire Tammy the most are family and she always keeps her family at the forefront of her thoughts. She gets her story ideas from her dreams and her children where she takes a simple moment and turns it into a world all its own.


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The Soul of Jesus by Doug Simpson in now available on

I am reading a very profound book right now called, "The Soul of Jesus." It's brand new on and is a worthwhile read. I think you might find some of the old documents that are shared quite compelling… to say the least!

As part of His preparations for the long-prophesied birth of our Savior, God selected a devout group of primarily Jewish Essenes to oversee this monumental undertaking. The Soul of Jesus delves into numerous details surrounding these readily-available but little-known preparations which preceded the birth of Jesus, and then carries on to share delightful snippets concerning the birth and life of Jesus before the commencing of His Ministry, Jesus’ Healings and other Miracles, His Apostles, relatives, friends and the group of seventy disciples, the Crucifixion and Resurrection, His activities after the Resurrection, and Jesus’ Ascension, that are not recorded in the Scriptures. 
The surprises do not stop there. The Soul of Jesus saves the block-buster news until the very end – the soul of Jesus had a number of historical incarnations before its final incarnation, commencing many centuries back in time as the soul of Adam in the Garden of Eden. 

Doug Simpon has written several different books that are both mind-provoking and insightful. Please take a look! :-)

Soul Awakening is a spiritual mystery/romance story involving the discovery of reincarnation and the past lifetimes of a group of individuals. It is a work of fiction, but was inspired by a series of actual events that were experienced by the author or other individuals known to the author. It involves the apparently accidental, though actually orchestrated by Divine Intervention, meeting of three total strangers, and their ultimate discovery that they shared previous lifetimes together. It includes episodes of spirit communication, messages from God, past-life regression sessions, Guardian Angels, past-life recall in the awake state, and Soul Attraction, which is the reincarnation of groups of souls together, in more than one lifetime, in order to deal with uncompleted Karmic connections from previous lifetimes together.

Soul Connections describes the educational journey, guided by the spirit of a sudden murder victim, of a group of individuals through the process of investigating their inter-connected past lifetimes. As well as the surprising discoveries uncovered through their past-life research, the spirit and soul of the murder victim educates its past relatives, from its previous lifetimes, in the knowledge retained by our souls after death, and in the ‘life’ of souls temporarily residing on the other side as they await their next incarnation.

Dacque LaRose, a genuine good-guy and Good Samaritan, was accustomed to being visited by and communicating with disembodied spirits as he carried out his occasional assignments received from the Heavenly Powers. His latest spirit visit went miles beyond anything he would have ever imagined. The spirit of a former acquaintance and recent murder victim joined Dacque one morning on his favorite park bench and asked him to assist in solving his murder as the local authorities were getting nowhere, through no fault of their own but due to a lack of any substantial evidence in the case.
Dacque had absolutely no idea how he could be of assistance in solving a murder, but he was accustomed to receiving his Heavenly assignments one installment at a time so he knew the steps he would be expected to follow would appear in due course.
Dacque’s new assignment proved exciting and educational as the spirit of the murdered acquaintance gladly explained to Dacque and his detective friend the inner workings of the Soul Mind or subconscious mind.

Dacque LaRose, the protagonist in The Dacque Chronicles, is a very unusual Good Samaritan who has been selected by the Heavenly Powers to assist them in rescuing deserving souls in need of rescuing, no matter whether they still reside in human bodies or have departed from their human residences when the body passed away. Dacque’s soul has earned this exalted position as God’s helper through his exemplary actions and clean living throughout his numerous previous incarnations, as well as his current lifetime. To assist Dacque in carrying out these noble duties he has been bestowed with unique powers in this lifetime, powers which allow him to see and converse with spirits as well as receive direct messages from the Heavenly Powers. 

Soul Rescue is the recounting of Dacque’s latest adventure where he is directed to the local children’s hospital to locate and assist the earth-bound spirits of five children stranded for many decades. Dacque is rewarded with three touching personal relationships throughout this adventure and a totally unanticipated surprise at the conclusion of his Heavenly assignment.

Soul Rescue is a fictional novel inspired by a series of actual events.


Doug Simpson is a retired high school teacher who has turned his talents to writing. His first novel, a spiritual mystery titled Soul Awakening, was published in the United States in October of 2011, by Booklocker. It was reissued in October of 2012 by 5 Prince Publishing as Soul Awakening, Book I of the Dacque Chronicles. For further details visit them at It is available in print and eBook format through most bookstores around the world. Soul Rescue, Book II of the Dacque Chronicles was published in November of 2012, Soul Mind, Book III of the Dacque Chronicles was published in January of 2013, and Soul Connections, Book IV if the Dacque Chronicles was published in April of 2013. His magazine and website articles have been published in 2010 to 2013 in Australia, Canada, France, India, South Africa, the United Kingdom, and the United States. His articles can be accessed through his website at

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“Racing the Reaper” by Jerrid Edgington is available on

Jacob Myers, a Paramedic, ends up with a psycho stalker that won't take no for an answer. How does he deal with her craziness and get away from her? 

Let’s WOW this Wednesday with Jerrid Edgington’s new medical thriller “Racing the Reaper” is now available on

Jerrid Edgington known as "The Edge" synopsis for Racing the Reaper: Book One

Jacob Myers was a normal, average, run of the mill kind of guy. He often felt that his life was meant for something greater. But without any formal education, he was stuck at a mundane office job. That all changed one night when he suffered a spinal cord injury that nearly left him paralyzed and trapped in a wheel chair. Through his recovery process, he found the direction in his life he’d been longing for; to get a job in EMS. Jacob suffered through mistake after mistake with his new job, but began to learn how to deal with life and death situations, as well as the emotional and physical rigors the job put him through. After two years as an EMT-Basic, he went to Paramedic school. Upon completion, he took to the streets and had to learn a completely new set of rules. As if his job wasn’t difficult enough, Jacob had a stalker that was a former patient. She made his life a living hell. In dealing with life and death, then a stalker, Jacob wasn’t sure if he’d made the right career choice. Along with seeing the things he did in the field, his he began to question his faith in God. Would he survive the streets and the psychotic stalker, Becca? 

Jerrid Edgington has been a Paramedic since 1997 working in four different states. He is currently living and working in Poteau, Oklahoma where he is a Paramedic for Le Flore County EMS. He is happily married to Jody, and they've recently had an addition to their family on October 16th when they were blessed with the birth of Zoey, their daughter. Jerrid spent several years as a semi-professional football player, officiated high school varsity football and basketball, and also enjoys woodworking as well as writing in his spare time. 
Jerrid is currently writing a medical fiction thriller series called Racing the Reaper.

Baby Zoey:-)

Twitter- @jerridedgington


Have you picked up your copy of "From The Abyss" by John Emil Augustine?

I am excited to share my blog  with one of my very favorite authors and one of my most loyal writer friends, John Emil Augustine. We were introduced sometime last year on Marsha Casper Cook’s blog radio show and I have been inspired by his sharp mind, kind heart, and warm spirit ever since.

His generosity has no bounds which I discovered early on in our relationship. I am grateful for the help he has offered me with my writing and for his ongoing support of my own work.

His heartfelt and inspiring book, “From The Abyss” is now available on

24-year-old John Augustine is looking for a lasting, loving relationship and finds one hidden where he least expects it. Knowing that no relationship is perfect, he walks in with eyes wide open but is unable to see the future swirling with hell and heartache. Amidst the struggles of a new marriage, John begins to realize his wife is far different than the woman he thought he married. Her mental illness soon drags the new family past the point of no return. As a man, John struggles to be strong and tackle their problems single-handedly, though the marital foundation is eroding before his eyes. But once his wife files for divorce, he finds himself in a free-fall.

My review of From the Abyss

It's really refreshing to read a memoir this honest from a male's point of view. In this story his sex doesn't matter because you see HIM in all his rawness, insecurities and sufferings. It doesn't take long to get absorbed into this story.  It also doesn't take long to have the feeling that you know this guy. This guy could be your friend. He is familiar and you can't help being drawn to him. There are so many moments that I feel so emotional about as he is spilling his guts out on a silver platter. He does not seem to concern himself to how this makes him look to the world, he is just telling his story as he knows to be true. I have to admire his honesty and courage. What he has done here takes bravery. He just seems to be on a noble mission to share his side of the story in hopes it will touch someone or help them get out of the bad situation they may find themselves. This is a human tale told with such candidness that I am in awe of his character. There is no ego just one man setting the record straight. Recording a life that could have sunk or swam and it looks to me that he has sailed across the rocky seas and got himself further away from the abyss to a better life.

"Sometimes, I think I would like to go back and fix what I did; take the off-ramp. But you just never get to do that. Not really. Maybe you wouldn't want to. Because those signs keep showing up until you understand what is written. If not then, it would have hit me at another time. I saw the sign but didn't realize what it meant. And in fairness to me, there was no way I could have known. You can only really, truly see the future when it's in the past."

A great read whether you have been in a good relationship or a sick one. If you have lived long enough, there are things in this poignant memoir that you might just be able to relate to.
The story comes from a dark place but is told with optimism for the future. Are you searching for your own silver lining? There is without a doubt a better life around the corner. You just have to stay open to all and any possibilities.

When there is love in your heart, there is HOPE!

John Emil Augustine grew up in Minneapolis, Minnesota and toured in his twenties and early thirties with local and national acts; writing, arranging, and performing with notable jazz, blues, gospel, reggae, post funk, prog rock, and folk groups. John has also been a landscaper, mail carrier, English professor, and forklift operator. He currently lives in Minneapolis with his wife and four boys.


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Author Karen Magill shares "We Are Not Alone"

I am especially excited to be sharing this post “We Are Not Alone” by brilliant author, Karen Magill. She has written several wonderful books, is working on a personal inspirational story, “On The Right Side” 
“As long as you are not six feet under, you are On The Right Side and you can do anything. I went from waking up partially paralyzed and watching my world crumble around me to becoming an award winning author and walking unaided. Along the way, I learned how to live again.”

Miss Magill speaks about her experience with MS. Her story hopes to make a difference for everyone whether they are dealing with a chronic illness or dealing with everyday obstacles. Miss Magill shares her inspiration in everything she does. Currently she has a blog devoted to her love for Vancouver, Vancouver Vagabond

We Are Not Alone

Writing can be a solitary occupation. We writers sit hunched by a computer, creating people and events from our imagination. Sometimes, those characters can spill over into our real lives making many think we have a mental disorder. There have many times I have walked down the street carrying on a conversation with one of my characters. To me, and to many writers, that is normal. Traits like this, as well as the private nature of our work, can leave a writer isolated.

However, as John Donne said “no man is an island” and we cannot thrive cut off from other humans. Yet spending time with people who have no idea of what we do, the struggles, the inner turmoil, the creativity can be difficult. Sometimes, we feel even more alone than when we are sitting at the computer.

Have no fear my literary friends, there is a solution. You could join a writer’s group and go to weekly meetings but, if you are like me and tend to be anti-social, the Internet is a better way. Here you can meet up with other creative types and you don’t have to spend hour upon hour listening to someone pontificate on some area of writing you aren’t interested in. Or have a published author look down his or her haughty nose at you because you are looking into self-publishing.  Oh, that can still happen but the advantage of the Internet is that you don’t have to listen. You can just sign off, turn down the sound, or open another page and doing something else. (My secret is out. I don’t always pay attention!)

The best thing I have found about the Internet – Facebook groups in particular – is the support I receive. I have people who are interested in my writing career. I have found writers – damn good ones – that I may not have found otherwise. And I have made friends. I have to say that some of the people I have met through Facebook have become better friends than some I meet offline. I have even met a few of them.

Writers don’t have to be solitary, we don’t have to be alone. Just log on to the Internet and find your niche. Make friends, help others and watch your career blossom.

Here are Karen's books

When psychic Julie Seer moves to Vancouver, her dreams are filled with visions of women being murdered. She doesn’t know who is being killed, or why, until the day Julie goes to a press conference held by the Vancouver Police Station: a press conference to announce the formation of a special task force that will investigate the case of the prostitutes who have gone missing from Vancouver’s East Side.

Detective Constable Santoro Ricci, an officer with the Vancouver Police Department, wants on the special task force. When he happens upon Julie at the press conference, Ricci finds himself unofficially investigating the case.

Julie also finds herself having visions where she is transported back in time into the body of a Chinese prostitute in the late 1800s. Through these visions, and stories told to her by long time residents of the city, Julie learns more of the history of Vancouver.

With the help of Francine, an east side prostitute, Julie and Santoro work together to solve the mystery of the missing women. When Francine and Julie are taken by the killer, Santoro must find the missing answers fast.

A woman, Laura Neill, in Vancouver is struck by a Chrysler Intrigue while crossing the street. At the same time in Toronto a car also strikes Julian Rule. Both people have an out of body experience and meet as they are floating. Their ethereal forms bond as one before separating - each taking a part of the other’s soul with them as they return to their bodies. 

When the two people wake up, they remember the experience they shared and have memories of each other. The simultaneous accidents created a psychic bond. They are truly soul mates. Although Laura is haunted by visions of Julian that she cannot understand, she has decided to make dramatic changes in her life. One of them is becoming engaged to a member of England’s nobility that has recently appeared in her life. When he senses that she is in danger – a feeling that is confirmed by a psychic friend – Julian goes to Vancouver to come to her aid. With the help of a detective, Julian is able to prove that Laura’s fiancĂ© is a con artist and a murderer. When Julian confronts the man, he and Laura are placed in imminent danger.

In a bloody showdown during a Mystique concert, the government ended rock music. The members of Mystique disappeared - as many musicians before them had -without a trace.

This drives fans underground and they form the rebel group, the Let Us Play Organization. Presently Kaya More, who is the daughter of a slain LUPO founder, as well as a descendant of a member of Mystique, leads LUPO.

The gift of second sight aids Kaya as she leads the rebels from New York City to California to the Canadian Rockies. Once LUPO joins forces with other outlaws from around the world, the rebellion explodes and a showdown between the oppressors of music and fans is inevitable.

Karen Magill is the author of three published paranormal novels; the fourth is with the publisher right now and will publish her first non-fiction work in March of 2014.

To connect with Ms. Magill, visit her at her website, peruse her blog, the Vancouver Vagabond or check out her books on her Amazon page
Philip Timms is responsible for this photo of the 1600 block of Commercial Drive during the 1920s.