Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Burnt Promises Cover Reveal & Book Trailer

Now that I have one book published with another one on the way I am reflective and I am tired but more than anything I am grateful. There has been NOTHING easy about this process and I don’t think there has been one thing that has gone the way it should have. Still, I am thankful.

I have had issues with just about everything that I have tried to accomplished from the early beginning where I was working to have the original Home Wrecker removed on amazon.com. That led to a big pile of woes. Same thing goes with some of my marketing ventures where I’ve spent more money than I have made. Still, I believe it takes money to make money so it has been worth the risk. If you don’t try, you will not succeed and I am convinced of that.
You wouldn’t believe how many long arduous nights I have spent working on my book trailers. Since I am not technically inclined it was especially difficult for me but I did it because my passion for creating something beautiful kept me on the road to pursuing something that felt true to my story. There have been so many blunders, tears, and even anger but I am here telling you that it was all so worthwhile.

When asked if I would do it again, I didn’t even have to think before responding yes, I would do it in a heartbeat.

I can’t express in words what it was like for me when I was putting up my book trailer for book two, Burnt Promises. It had been a grueling four hour session at the Apple store where one thing after another kept failing. It was looking like this might not work out as planned as the text was doing funny things and the music got all messed up. I was close to tears but tried to keep it all in perspective. I told myself that I have been through so much more stress and that I could handle this. This was nothing in comparison to what the last several years have been like for me. Still, when I was sitting in the middle of it all I wanted to explode. Somehow by the grace of God I kept it together and DID NOT GIVE UP! That was not an easy task.

This all became worth it once the trailer was completed and everything seemed to come together. I uploaded the video to Youtube and promptly shared it on Facebook. Within seconds the comments were flooding in, one after another. It seemed as if my computer was coming to life with beautiful fireworks bursting onto the screen. Tears filled in my eyes and all I could feel at that moment was gratitude!

I feel blessed beyond words.


  1. Brilliant book trailer, very emotive. Your jacket cover, as usual, is fantastic. Kudos, dear Brenda.

  2. Thank you for that Ngaire! You are such a love!! I appreciate what you said!!! Especially since that thing took me sooooo many hours!! :-)