Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Philip Whiteland has a new book out called A Kick at the Pantry Door

I am pleased to present Philip Whiteland on my blog today. He has written a laugh out loud funny book called
A Kick at the Pantry Door that I just reviewed.
Welcome to the 'A Kick at the Pantry Door' restaurant. We have your favourite table ready and waiting and a selection of tasty and unusual dishes for your delectation and delight (but do bear in mind that the kitchen closes shortly as the Chef needs to go to his second job, rodding out blocked sewers). We have a few choice 'nostalgedy' stories for Starters, some meatier ones for your Mains, a selection of 'curmudgeonly rants' or keen observations (you take your choice) for Dessert, and something unspeakable to go with your Coffee and Mints.

Philip Whiteland tickles your fancy (it's not a crime yet) once again with this compilation of stories, often with a food-based theme, from today and yesterday. Pull up a chair and tuck in!

My Review

"The world seems a good deal larger when you're small and, apparently, far from home. Chocolate cake helps, of course."

These cute stories can't help from send you into a giggling fit. I really enjoyed the easy language and the fun escape. The descriptions made me laugh out loud as the writer described experiences from his past. I couldn't help but chuckle as he went through the names of dog treats he used to sample with his friends, his moms less than desirable baking, music lessons in which he pretended to play his instrument, his paperboy, adventure, cruising and road trips he used to take with his family.

The writing is sharp, clever and engaging. I was thoroughly entertained throughout this upbeat adventure ride.

"Car travel in the 1950s and 1960s was something of an overrated past time, particularly if you were of the infant persuasion. Summer days were a nightmare for those of us wearing short trousers, still de rigueur then, as you were in danger of third degree burns to the back of your legs from the red hot plastic. If you could survive this, then you still had the unpleasantness of extricating yourself from the seat at the end of the journey, by which time your legs had been welded to the seat by a mixture of heat and pressure, and could only be removed with a worrying tearing noise."

Steady Past Your Granny's

Take a trip back to a different place and time. Where crowds of hunched and oddly dressed youths would probably be train-spotters, where you could have a reign of terror on a Sunday afternoon just by riding your cast-iron scooter across the blue brick pavement, and where the height of excitement on the street was getting two Beech Nut chewing gum packets on the fourth turn of the handle.

Philip Whiteland entertains with this collection of articles presenting some keenly observed and very funny meanders through the past and present. Why not come and join him on the trip, but, whatever you do, remember to keep “Steady Past Your Granny’s” This newly updated version addresses some previously reported problems, has improved formatting and...includes pictures!

Enter the slightly odd world of Phil Whiteland and slip back a few decades to a time when a John Bull Printing Outfit was the height of toy technology, when the telephone never stretched more than two feet from the front door, when every boy's knee was covered by a three inch square of brown sticking plaster and when a trolley-bus into town was a great adventure. This bumper collection of 'nostalgedy' stories (what happens when you mix nostalgia and comedy) coupled with some contemporary observations, guarantees a smile on every page and a chuckle in every chapter. Settle down for a step back in time and a giant leap forward in enjoyment, and if anyone asks you what you're doing, just tell them "Leos for meddlers…" (Complete with pictures - you have been warned!)


Philip is a 58 year old university lecturer in Human Resource Management. He doesn't tend to tell too many people about this as he is acutely aware of their eyes glazing over as he speaks. He lives on the edge of the Peak District, or, as it sometimes seems, just lives on the edge. He was born and brought up, like so many things, in Burton upon Trent and much of his writing over the past few years, for the Derby Telegraph, Burton Mail's "times gone by" magazine and Mature Times has featured his recollections of growing up (allegedly) in the 1950s and 1960s. Philip has also broadcast a number of articles in Radio Derby's "Did I Ever Tell You" series of stories. He has occasionally been accused of humour. "Steady Past Your Granny's" was Philip's first, self-published, collection of 'nostalgedy' stories (what you get if you cross nostalgia with comedy, he considered 'comalgia' but decided it sounded too much like an unfortunate medical condition), closely followed by 'Crutches for Ducks' which continued the memoirs. Has just published his first foray into full-length humorous fiction, 'Jambalaya'.


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