Tuesday, July 16, 2013

G. Mitchell Baker's 99¢ Blog Tour for Lethal Believers: DVM

Today I have the pleasure of having G. Mitchell Baker on my blog. His new book Lethal Believers: DVM has just been released on Amazon.com.

Lethal Believers: DVM

Since Mitchell has been getting so much notoriety with this new book we better start this interview right away since he is such hot commodity. I am sure his entourage is getting restless!!!! ;-)

Hi Mitch! Thank you for sharing your busy day with us today. It is a real honor!! (Blushing)
Here we go:

What is the ideal recipe for a good novel?

1-Part  “Naiveté” - I think it’s important to start a novel with only an idea how to write, but with no preconception of what you are going to write...with no absolutism regarding grammar, There is a freedom in just writing...The rest will come along with development edits and copy-edit polishing...

2-Parts   “Time” - I always feel I need twice as much time as I have when I am writing... I just want to keep going and going...

3-Parts “Courage” - For every time you, as a writer decide not to write about something or other, because you think someone wouldn’t want if from you, challenge yourself to write two more of those somethings and be that courageous writer that will write of both original and interesting things.

4-Parts “Balance” - Every good recipe when creating something presents better when the creator maintains some sense of balance throughout the experience and through to the final presentation... The notion of extremism … excess is overrated...The finer things in life, including one’s writing should always achieve and maintain that fine balance...

5-Parts “Persistence” -  Be prepared to insist that others like your work as much as you do... of course the publishing industry isn’t set up to appreciate what the author thinks about their own work...Why not?  I believe it takes persistence, sprinkled liberally in everything the author does with their work, on through to the completed work to re-introduce some commonsense in a marketing channel driven process that tends to ignore word-of-mouth appreciation of some of the better works...

You’ve been contacted by the Association of Libraries from the Alien Planet of Zaolia. They want to know the five most important novels in all of Earth’s history. Which five novels do you give them?

Mine...And thereafter, all those I continue to write... ;-)

 Q: What was the turning point in your life when you decided to start writing?

I took a sabbatical from the practice of law to walk in my father’s steps... He died when I was young and I believed he always wanted to write a book...I decided to fulfill our dream.

Q: What is or are the genres of your book or books?

‘Lethal Believers: DVM’ (Master Koda Select Publishing 2013)(Paranormal)

‘Lethal Believers: The Innocents’ (Master Koda Select Publishing 2013)(Paranormal)

‘The Involvement of Emerson’ (Brent House Books 2013)(Contemporary Fiction)

‘Kerby ‘Webb’ Webster and Kinny the Rodeo Hound’ (Young Adult 2011 Out of Print)

‘ANNT: Axiom’ (Social/Bio-Science Fiction 2011 Out of Print)

Q: What made you decide to write in your particular genre?

The concepts I created dictate what genre, or cross genre I write in... I’m thankful to have a broad range of interests and all the writing just feels comfortable...

Thank you Mitch!!!!! I hope you will remember the folks who knew you back when...ummmm before you were famous. (Not kidding)

G. Mitchell Baker enjoys living out west, from the southwest United States to western Canada. Having practiced law for more than twenty years, Baker enjoys researching and writing projects that draw him into the many genres, to include contemporary fiction, science fiction, and paranormal works of fiction. Also a writer of feature length screenplays, G. Mitchell Baker enjoys adapting his novels to screenplay and, adapting his screenplays to novels.

Baker has been fortunate to compete at the highest levels in sports to include baseball and karate. This spirit leads to his also striving to compete at the highest levels to entertain his readership. Moreover, it is in this spirit Baker invites you to visit and re-visit his ‘Anything But a Tired Barn', and, to become familiar with his current and ongoing projects. Please take the time to learn more about G. Mitchell Baker, his projects, and any reasonable offer for original and interesting conversation as much will not be refused.  



(Paranormal Mystery) (Master Koda 2013)

(Paranormal Mystery) (Master Koda 2013)

(Contemporary Fiction) (Brent House Books 2013)


  1. Great interview Brenda and Mitch. I 've read Mitch's works and have to agree...he's definitely up and coming!

  2. Thank you Jane.Yes, Mitch is wildly talented and always up for a good laugh!!! Got to admire a person that puts up with so much silliness. Especially since his books tend to be so intellectual and sophisticated!!!!

  3. Enjoyed reading! I know what you mean about time :)) Finding time and sticking at it... they're the hardest parts. Good luck with your writing :)