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Today I want to wish the talented author Karen Magill a very happy birthday. I love Karen for her memorable blog posts with great stories and fabulous pictures mostly to do with her love of Vancouver, British Columbia...Notes from a Vancouverite who roams the city. 

In honor of Karen’s birthday she is offering two of her books at 99¢. See where Missing Flowers started with The Bond 

Or you can join a revolution with Mystique Rising also at 99 cents. 

A woman, Laura Neill, in Vancouver is struck by a Chrysler Intrigue while crossing the street. At the same time in Toronto a car also strikes Julian Rule. Both people have an out of body experience and meet as they are floating. Their ethereal forms bond as one before separating - each taking a part of the other’s soul with them as they return to their bodies.
When the two people wake up, they remember the experience they shared and have memories of each other. The simultaneous accidents created a psychic bond. They are truly soul mates. Although Laura is haunted by visions of Julian that she cannot understand, she has decided to make dramatic changes in her life. One of them is becoming engaged to a member of England’s nobility that has recently appeared in her life. When he senses that she is in danger – a feeling that is confirmed by a psychic friend – Julian goes to Vancouver to come to her aid. With the help of a detective, Julian is able to prove that Laura’s fiancĂ© is a con artist and a murderer. When Julian confronts the man, he and Laura are placed in imminent danger.

When psychic Julie Seer moves to Vancouver, her dreams are filled with visions of women being murdered. She doesn’t know who is being killed, or why, until the day Julie goes to a press conference held by the Vancouver Police Station: a press conference to announce the formation of a special task force that will investigate the case of the prostitutes who have gone missing from Vancouver’s East Side.
Detective Constable Santoro Ricci, an officer with the Vancouver Police Department, wants on the special task force. When he happens upon Julie at the press conference, Ricci finds himself unofficially investigating the case.

Julie also finds herself having visions where she is transported back in time into the body of a Chinese prostitute in the late 1800s. Through these visions, and stories told to her by long time residents of the city, Julie learns more of the history of Vancouver.

With the help of Francine, an east side prostitute, Julie and Santoro work together to solve the mystery of the missing women. When Francine and Julie are taken by the killer, Santoro must find the missing answers fast.

My Review

While I was reading the words, the story just seemed to come to life in vivid pictures. Missing Flowers was one book that was hard not to think about. I found myself going over the story in my head hours after I put it down. It was easy to get caught up wondering where it was going to lead.

The writing was clear and easy to digest. It was not too fancy or over the top. It was like going on an adventure into someone else's mind. There were many twists and turns that grabbed my attention and was a great escape that felt very realistic. I loved the relationship between Julie and Santoro and enjoyed how the Vancouver, B.C. landscaping was brought to life in this novel. While I was reading the words, the story just seemed to come to life in vivid pictures. I could imagine being on the streets.

On a personal note, I never believed in psychics until the the Long Island Medium came around. Now my skeptical nature has been forever challenged.

I had no idea where this story was headed but it didn't matter because Missing Flowers was such a well written, enjoyable story. By the end, I was sorry there was not more. I know it is not even close to being over!

"She choked and coughed. Tears were starting to run down her face as the smoke inflamed her sensitive membranes. She couldn't see. She knew she had to move but was frozen in place, watching those around her trying to escape the devouring flames, trying to find safety.
Julie knew she had to move, had to flee, but her feet wouldn't budge. An overwhelming fear engulfed her. She had to move or else she would die. The fire seemed so much closer; she could actually see a building in the distance being devoured by the greedy flames. It hadn't stood a chance. She tried to wipe the tears from her eyes so that she could see but the liquid just kept coming. Someone grabbed her from behind and started dragging her away. She felt herself getting lost in the crowd."

In a bloody showdown during a Mystique concert, the government ended rock music. The members of Mystique disappeared - as many musicians before them had -without a trace.
This drives fans underground and they form the rebel group, the Let Us Play Organization. Presently Kaya More, who is the daughter of a slain LUPO founder, as well as a descendant of a member of Mystique, leads LUPO.

The gift of second sight aids Kaya as she leads the rebels from New York City to California to the Canadian Rockies. Once LUPO joins forces with other outlaws from around the world, the rebellion explodes and a showdown between the oppressors of music and fans is inevitable.

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