Saturday, March 2, 2013

Home Wrecker: Coming of Age

Last night while I was watching late night television I came across an interview  with author Judy Blume. When I heard her name so many emotions raced through my brain. Ever since I was an adolescent entering puberty it was Judy Blume’s books that helped me escape some of the frenzy that I was going through. Her books made me feel understood and not so alone during a time that just about everything seemed uncertain.

Listening to Miss Blume talk now about her books and why she wrote them made me realize that I started writing for many of the same reasons. Even though my Home Wrecker stories are nothing like hers, there are basic similarities.  She wrote tales about out-casts, bullies and not being able to fit in. I have always related to these kinds of topics. To this day,  I am still trying to make sense of the child that I once was, and I have yet to figure everything out.

 I have always loved coming of age stories and it was books like “Are you there God? It’s me, Margaret” and “Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing” that really encouraged me to stand tall on my own and not let other people’s opinions define me. She made me realize that for once, I was not the only one going through obstacles. Her stories helped me to accept myself better, flaws and all. 

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