Monday, February 11, 2013

Home Wrecker 2007

After getting sick in Sept of 2007 I was trying to make sense as to what had happened to me. I was always so healthy. I ate well, exercised and did all the right things, or so I thought. The stress in my life didn’t help any but who doesn’t have stress? It is unavoidable and with what I had going on at the time, I had to learn to go with the flow and take it head on. Life was anything but easy before then but little did I know that life was going to get even harder.

While I was lying in a rented hospital bed that was delivered to our house with my dog Ivy lying by my side, I hoped something good would come out of all the bad that I was going through. I knew I wanted to do something to make a difference, if not just for me but for others who were in a similar unlucky predicament. I was told that I caught this disease “Transverse Myelitis” maybe from a virus. The doctors didn't know for sure.  At that time, I believed they knew more than they did. What they did know was the chance for a full recovery for me was unlikely. 

What had I done to deserve this, I asked myself. I talked to the man upstairs and hoped for an answer. That answer never came. I was left to figure it all out on my own. Broken pieces and all.

Now several years later I still ask myself, why me but I have come to accept that of which I cannot change. I hope telling my story helps others. I know I am not alone and there are others that suffer much more than I do. I just have to believe things happen for a reason. With that in mind, I know I have been put on this earth, if not for any other reason but to share my story.

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