Thursday, February 28, 2013

Home Wrecker 2.0

I am so glad that Home Wrecker is now getting a second chance. We all deserve second chances and this, in a way is what Home Wrecker is all about. I am human and if you are anything like me, you can understand being far from perfect.  At times, my judgment has been poor, to say the least. I still blame myself for some of the mistakes that I have made. There were circumstances that I didn’t seem to know how to get around, but in my imperfections, I have learned to accept my vulnerabilities and short comings and have faced them head on. 
I wrote this book because I thought some individuals could relate to my narrative and maybe even get something out of it. In those pages there are things that I felt I needed to share, even if it would make me look like a lesser person in other people’s eyes. In some ways I am even seeking forgiveness, not so much from others, but from myself.

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