Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Happy Hollywood Home Wrecker

While at the gym today, a woman on the stair stepper next to me offered up her Star magazine even though I was clearly busy reading Mark Barry's amazing book "Carla." I have not read a gossip magazine in ages. On the cover was Demi Moore in a skimpy gold bikini. While I was trying to read, her breasts were distracting me and I found myself glancing down at the paparazzi photo spread. I couldn’t resist picking it up. 

 I turned the pages to find a three piece layout called “Hollywood’s Happy Home Wreckers.” Now that really caught my attention. Since my book is titled Home Wrecker, the words screamed out to me. I couldn’t help getting a tad bit defensive. Even though I picked that name, honestly I don’t like the sound of it. There is nothing good about a Home Wrecker even if it is you doing the wrecking.

It seems all these glamorous stars were caught in a pretty similar predicament that I was in not too long ago. What was good to read was it seems it all worked out for these celebs. Sometimes in life you find yourself in a situation that you never would have imagined. Life is like that. One day you are a loyal housewife cooking dinner for your husband and the next thing you know you are fighting off not one but two angry spouses,

Truth be told, I would much rather be considered a Home Wrecker then spend the rest of my life filled with regrets.

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