Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Writing Home Wrecker

“It wasn’t that I was anti-social, I just didn’t feel I could connect with people in my age group.”

When I was growing up I loved being around my mom and her girlfriends. I was not able to relate to kids my age. I was always looking to expand my knowledge and searched for people who had something to say. I remember spending a great deal of time at coffee shops writing on napkins. I did not take writing classes in school but I wrote on these napkins every single day for years. I am not sure why I didn’t keep my writings in a note pad. Had I saved my napkins I could have used those stories for my book Home Wrecker. Instead, I tossed them out without a thought. Through these writings I was searching for something.
During that time period I spent hours at one dingy coffee shop or another meeting all kinds of interesting people who shared some of their life experience with me. I loved every exciting moment with these people.  For a while I went to a nearby greasy spoon where I would often meet up with this nice actor from the Star Trek series. For months this man acted as my mentor and shared so many great stories with me. I will always appreciate his patience and his wisdom. He gave me advice unselfishly but he also listened to my teenage ramblings.

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