Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Recession is a Home Wrecker

“The recession happened and the bubble burst on house prices, so many families lost their homes.”

When I moved from Los Angeles to Orange County the real estate market was at an all time high. Because there was so much demand for single family homes there was very little availability. The planned community that we moved into felt full of promise. With all these new homes being built there seemed to be so much opportunity for all these young couples and new families to move into. It was an area where couples and their kids could have a nice lifestyle. People swarm to buy homes in this pristine development. There was so much potential in those paved streets and perfectly manicured parks. That was until the bottom fell out and the american dream was lost. Families were now losing their much loved homes. Many of these families have had to move far away or move into the nearby apartment complex where I live now. I am surrounded by families that have had to move from large homes into these basic one or two bedroom apartments. The occupants of these apartments are mostly divorcees and transients. Losing your home or your spouse has become an all too common reality. The recession is without a doubt, a Home Wrecker.

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