Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Marriage was a Home Wrecker

“Being married definitely took work. When we fought, I felt like I wanted to float away and drown, whereas before I knew I could walk away without any strings attached.”

So much changed in our relationship after we were married. Before the wedding nuptials our relationship was close, trusting, and enjoyable. We were together for close to two years and were each other’s best friends. My soon to be husband was very accommodating and pretty much went with the flow. It was not that I was high maintenance but he pretty much went out of his way to make sure that I was happy. Once we got married he got very jealous and controlling.He thought every guy that came into contact with me had an ulterior motive. He called me naive when I denied his concerns. He got so possessive that he didn’t even like me to sit next to his brother while we were at a restaurant. He concluded that  I was now his possession. As a result of his dominance I became very uncomfortable.
Has this happened to you? Did your relationship change after you were married?
Looking back, I wish I walked out back then. It could have saved us both a lot of heartache, time, and sorrow. My husband's controlling nature was a Home Wrecker.

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