Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Losing Faith is a Home Wrecker

After I left my husband for another man I have had to question everything about myself. I lost faith in myself and my morals have been in question ever since.

If you are a Christian, are you the kind of Christian that walks the walk? I am not sure (me personally) that I even want to get into religion or politics for that matter. It can get ugly. Actually I am not really religious. I was born into a Jewish family but never studied the religion. I do feel like I am Jewish because of the culture and traditional rituals. For me I knew when I left my husband for another man what I did was morally wrong. My moral code was tested and with out a doubt I failed.
If you do believe in God and know his rules about divorce as being wrong in his eyes, how do you adjust to that? How do you forgive yourself and continue to stick with your belief system?
What would you do if you left your husband and then fell in love with another man? Could you live with yourself? Please think before you answer. I used to be very critical towards people that did the exact same thing I did. Now after everything that I have been through I realize there is always more to the story. I don’t think you can judge fairly unless you were the one making the decision. It is often very complicated and not always what it seems.
Since I am not a Christian, I am not talking from experience but to quote a friend who knows says the Bible plainly says that God hates divorce. She tried to explain how she felt about it.
“God says there are grounds for divorce.” She explained,” God's rules and laws are not in effect to anyone that is not a Christian. For him a person that is living in sin, which is anyone that has not turned to Christ and ask him to forgive them of their sins, there are no real rules anyway only the fact that you need to learn that Heaven is real and so is Hell and there is a way to gain Heaven and avoid Hell.”
I have never really thought about ending up in Heaven or Hell. I guess I just assumed I would always be graced by God and never had to worry about ending up in a bad place. I am not even sure I believe in Heaven or Hell. I just hope if they do exist I get to go to the better place.
My Christian friend Believes that there are some grounds for divorce like if your husband cheats on you. She said she believed, that an abusive husband is also grounds as well. Same thing if your husband won't take care of his family then this could also be grounds for divorce.
“I wonder at times if we don't put ourselves with the wrong person””, she pondered. Maybe the person we married is not who God wanted us to have?  Just something to think about” she added.
Those are words for thought and I am not one to condemn someone if they have a different belief system than I do. I can appreciate that everyone is entitled to their own opinion without unfair judgment.
Even though I did go against my morals when I left my husband the way I did, now I have to learn how to forgive myself and move on. I would think God would want me to. I shouldn't have to be labeled "Home Wrecker" for the rest of my life.
What my friend and I do agree on is we both try to be the best people possible. We believe in doing good by loving our neighbor and giving of ourselves.

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