Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Lacking humor is a Home Wrecker

While shopping this afternoon at Tilly’s, a popular clothing store for teens I couldn’t help feeling like I was back in time. I haven’t worn those kinds of clothes since I was in High School. 

My boyfriend discovered this store from his nine-year-old grandson and wanted to go there to look for surfer style T-shirts. What adult man do you know that still wears teenage style board shorts and trendy surfer-boy tops? He does.
If going there was not awkward enough, he pulled off his shirt in the middle of the aisle and proceeded to try on one t-shirt after another. He was completely unaware that it might have been a bit alarming for any unassuming teenager who just happened to walki by. It was quite a sight, especially since he has tattoos.
Yes, my honey has two big Koi fish swimming around his mid section which he recently had done to cover up his soon to be ex’s nickname. What I have learned is if you get a tattoo of your current loved one, it is almost always the kiss of death to the relationship. I would call that a Home Wrecker! I really believe that. I hope I am mistaken for all of you out there who has your lovers name inked on your body. This is only a generalization but I have seen it over and over again!
Then there is the his Tribal art tattoo that covers his entire back. Should I say more? Probably not!
I worry a mother is going to see him and fear for her teenage daughters. I haven’t been that flustered since I was a silly adolescent. There were many nights my mom would show up at my favorite nightclub wearing pajamas, an overcoat and slippers. Needless to say it was quite mortifying!
This scene today made me realize how I am hardly ever embarrassed by anything these days. Do you remember the last time you felt that self-conscious?
As a kid it seems we are always inhibited over something. As we get older we realize none of it really matters because no one really cares. It is such a freeing feeling not to have to tip toe around worrying about what other people think. How fun it is to be yourself and not have to make apologies.
I better get used to these kinds of scenes because being with my boyfriend is like being with an naive man-sized kid. He takes pleasure in standing out, talking to just about EVERYONE that passes us on the street, and has no problem breaking out in dance no matter where we are. At one time this would have made me blush from ear to ear and maybe even made me want to hide. Now I realize this is a big part of the reason why I love this man so much. In life there are so many harsh realities. If he has the need to party like it is 1999 then I am going to be right there with him.

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