Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Home Wrecker Husband

“He would say things like, “But you are my wife!” when I didn’t do something that he wanted me to do. His expectations were not realistic.”

Immediately after our wedding day had passed my husband expected me to change my life style. His desires and expectations were not realistic or acceptable to me as far as I was concerned. Now that I was his “wife” he wanted me to change my ways so they were agreeable to him. From the beginning, I believe it was he who became the Home Wrecker in our marriage by not allowing me to be who I was. He wanted what he thought a wife should be rather than who I had always been. He wanted me to get more goal oriented by working just as hard as he did and he wanted me to suddenly become as private as he was. He couldn’t accept that those requests might have made me uncomfortable. He should have known the girl he was marrying. I never misrepresented myself as anything other than who I was. In spite of this he thought I should change.
Have you been in a relationship where you were expected to change? Were you actually able to change?

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