Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Girl Next Door Home Wrecker?

“I got so tired of trying to look pretty to some stranger who could look you up and down and size you up so he could tear you apart inch by inch.”

I remember when I was pursuing acting so much emphasis was put on my appearance. I was young and innocent. Many of my coaches called me an “ingenue.” At that time, I looked sweet. I couldn’t have even been considered a Home Wrecker type. I was more like “the girl next door.” No matter what role I went out for I always felt like I was being sized up. Everything seemed to revolve around my appearance. I would be called into an audition for a role and before I could even give my lines I would be told to turn around so they could evaluate me inch by inch. That kind of scrutiny could make anyone feel self-conscious. Sometimes I would not get a role but was still asked out for a date. So much for any kind of professionalism! Stuff like that just happened.

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