Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Another Hollywood husband becomes a Home Wrecker

“Now that I was a future divorcee, I looked at couples so differently. Before all this, I had never known anyone who had cheated in a marriage, or at least not to my knowledge.”

In Hollywood, you almost expect the stars to cheat. There is just too much temptation. We assume those marriages won’t last very long and most of the time they don’t. Who thought Demi and Ashton would have lasted as long as they did? When they got together the age difference might have seemed sexy. Now that Demi has passed her thirties and Ashton is such a hot commodity, how could we not have anticipated his exit?
 I remember reading an article titled “Moore can’t let go of Kutcher”.  A source claimed that the actress was not accepting that her marriage with Ashton Kutcher was over and she wanted things to go back to the way they were even though he was a Home Wrecker.
The sad reality is, eventually the marriage would have fallen apart. That is a no brainer. After all, he was virtually a child when they got together.

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