Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Actress/Waitress/Home Wrecker

“Being an actress/waitress was very trendy while living in Los Angeles. After all, Hollywood was right around the corner.”

I got a waitress job in my early twenties when I decided I wanted to be an actress. In Hollywood almost all the waiters I worked with were all actors. It was all too common. We all wanted to be famous so we worked night shifts and went on auditions during the day. The friends that I knew that got ahead had relatives in the business or had some kind of connection. It didn’t seems fair.
Now with all the reality shows on the air, there are so many more possibilities for young people to break into the business. There is such wide variety of shows. You can be looking for love, competing in a race, or may even be a devious Home Wrecker. The opportunities are out there. It still helps to know someone but there are so many more avenues for success. Today if you work hard enough and are aggressive, you may actually be able to achieve your dreams. Unfortunately, my dream of becoming an actress was really only a pipe dream.

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