Wednesday, November 14, 2012

A Story Without A Home Wrecker

My boyfriend’s dad shares another sweet story about his family during WWII when he was a Marine.

We were married at age 20 during WWII.  I was in the Navy.  After I was discharged from the Navy a friend of mine talked me into joining the U. S. Marines.  He said you only reported for duty twice a month for a couple of days.  For this you were paid about $120 a quarter.  Since I had a low paying job and a baby on the way I joined the Marines.  I gradually was promoted finally to a Master Sergeant.
In 1951 while we were on a 2 week summer training program we were immediately activated and sent to Korea where the war (commonly referred to as a "police action")  I was gone from my family for a year.  At that time we had a son 5 and a daughter 3.  We lived in a 2 story condo and my wife was very security conscious. She was losing a lot of sleep without any security devices.
After a few months of my absence she came up with a brilliant idea.  She had a lot of intelligence and a vast amount of common sense.  Accordingly she invented her own security system.  Every night as she and the children were going to bed she had a box of Kellogg's corn flakes which she sprinkled on each step as she proceeded to the second floor for the night. Needless to say this would have awakened the dead if any one came up those stairs. Upon awakening each morning, she swept up the corn flakes and placed them back in the box for the next night.  When I finally returned home after a year's absence she related this story to me. I gave her a big hug and a kiss for being so ingenious.
To this day we still share this story with friends and laugh about it just as hard as if it were yesterday.

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