Thursday, November 15, 2012

A pet store can be a Home Wrecker...please go to a shelter instead

I never knew the love of an animal until I had my first dog when I was 28 years old.

Growing up we never had pets because my dad said they were dirty as he was a real neat freak. He even refused to let me babysit the class rabbit when I was in preschool.
Since I was not raised with animals I did not feel comfortable around them. Dogs scared me. I was the girl that walked across the street to avoid the neighbors pet. Since I was not familiar with dogs I became deathly afraid of them.
When I got involved with the man who became my husband he and his family were dog lovers. Every card that went out graced a dog on the cover. Since there were no children in the family the dogs replaced that empty spot. They talked about their dogs as if they were their flesh and blood. I thought they were all nuts.
Before we were married he convinced me that we needed a dog. After much apprehension, I agreed. I knew how much it meant to him. His love of animals is what I loved the most about him. I believe he loved animals more than people. He was very much a recluse and not very social, When it came to the animals he became very loving and nurturing.
Our first dog together was a mangy looking mutt from the Carson animal shelter. Early on he explained to me how he did not believe in pet stores or breeders. He told me how much these rescue dogs needed homes. I was reluctant to go to the shelter because I was so used to seeing those cute little puppies at mall pet stores. But once we got there I tried to keep an open mind because I figured he knew what he was talking about.
Upon our arrival I wanted to cry because this pound was filthy and seeing all those dogs in cages was so sad. It was as if we had just arrived at a doggie jail. It looked like a prison camp for animals. My husband chose this particular shelter because he knew it was a kill shelter and he really truly wanted to save a dog's life. In fact, while I was falling in love with a litter of tiny puppies that were newly born he was looking at the dogs that were in the worst shape.
That was when this one shepherd mutt caught his eye. She was thin and sickly looking. Leaving her behind would have been a Home Wrecker.


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