Wednesday, November 14, 2012

A bad boy is a Home Wrecker

“First of all, he was not my type. He was nice, considerate, unselfish and grounded; qualities I’d never experienced in a man.”

When I first met my future husband my first instincts were to run like hell. But instead we became instant friends. From there I thought that would be enough to make everything fall into place even though I never felt sparks. I told my friends I was now following the right path. I had always looked for the wrong kind of man (a bad boy) who would one day become a Home Wrecker.
Now I knew why my relationships never worked out. I really believed this “nice” guy could offer me everything I needed, even though he wasn’t my type. With this new revelation I think I sold myself short. Maybe if I met the right bad boy I might have found my true love. Instead, I settled.

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