Thursday, March 26, 2015

In Search of A Revolution by Christoph Fischer

In 1918 young Zacharias Nielsen boards a ship in Copenhagen to join the Red Guards in the Finnish Civil War. Encouraged by an idolised teacher with communist leanings, he follows the call for help from his Nordic Comrades, despite his privileged background. 
His best friend, Ansgar, has opposing political ideals to Zacharias but, for his own personal reasons, finds himself soon stuck in the Scandinavian North with Zacharias and Raisa, a Finnish nurse who helps them in their new life. 
Through the years that follow the brotherly war the trio see the political landscape in Finland and Europe change as Communists and Fascists try to make their mark and attempt to change the world order. 
Our heroes must find their own personal and ideological place in these turbulent times as friendship, honour, idealism and love triangles bring out some personal truths. 

The book spans almost thirty years of history and the various Finnish conflicts: Civil War, Winter War, Continuation War and the Lapland War. Watch the political and personal self discovery of characters in search of their own revolution.

My Review 

“For a real communist, countries don’t exist - there are only people.”

In Search of A Revolution by Christoph Fischer is another great book that captivated my attention right away. I have read several of this author’s books and all have resonated with me in their own way. He writes with great passion and authority. They are mind-blowing reads that are all well-written, precise and more than anything effortless to get into. This latest book is no exception. This takes you to another place and time but feels familiar and comfy. A book that is not easy to put down once you have started. 
 I was so immersed in the life of Zacharias, Ansgar and Raisa.

From the start I was totally hooked. There is so much heart that I was caught up with emotion as I read with great vigor and interest. This story is filled with lies, deceit, and big drama. The suspense had me holding on, quickening my pace, reading is a fury! Loved the mystery that was In Search of A Revolution!

Quote ~

"Just imagine what the world will be like in a few years if we succeed? There won’t be any class differences and no divide between rich and poor. You’ll look at a man and you won’t have to worry how to address him and how to pay him the respect that society demands for his status. Everyone will get respect and address in the same fair manner, nobody will have more than their neighbour and there won’t be any more need for crimes. Nobody will look down on a farmer like you. How is that not worth fighting for?”


Christoph Fischer was born in Germany, near the Austrian border, as the son of a Sudeten-German father and a Bavarian mother. Not a full local in the eyes and ears of his peers he developed an ambiguous sense of belonging and home in Bavaria. He moved to Hamburg in pursuit of his studies and to lead a life of literary indulgence. After a few years he moved on to the UK where he now lives in a small hamlet, not far from Bath. He and his partner have three Labradoodles to complete their family. 
Christoph worked for the British Film Institute, in Libraries, Museums and for an airline. 
He has written several other novels which are in the later stages of editing and finalisation.


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