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Nadia Kilrick's CATERWAUL BAY is now available on Amazon!

A fisherman in a small coastal town divides his time between two places – his boat and Verna's Place, a run-down juke joint on the bay. When Verna Alexander is found shot to death, all evidence points to Warren Grandy. Did he kill the woman he claimed to love, or has someone set him up? 

Warren's spurned wife keeps up with her husband by his sporadic visits to their home and through news carried by her brother. Her veiled threats, and a final secret message passed to Warren, help detectives wrap up the Verna Alexander case in record time. But, have they overlooked the most important part of the puzzle? 

My Review

“No matter how far you travel away from it, once you get these white sands in your shoes, you'll never be able to shake it out.”

There is nothing like the richness that comes with Nadia Kilrick's down home writing style. She has a way of presenting a story that feels cozy and inviting as if you are there amongst the characters and their surroundings.

Caterwaul Bay grabs your attention and you can't walk away. I couldn’t. Not for a minute! The mystery and the intriguing storyline had me holding my breath. The author puts me under a trance with her enthralling way of telling a story. I was absorbed into the suspense and drama in an instant. My eyes were glued to the pages as I read in a great fury wanting to know what was going to happen next. This is a captivating short story that I would like to see made into a full length thriller. Could actually see it made into a movie on the big screen. It’s that powerful. Highly recommend.

Quote ~

“Tress Grandy watched low clouds float by from her rocker on the porch. There was an extra shot of chilly air coming in with this system. She was preparing to go inside when she heard a familiar sound, the rumble of Warren's truck coming up the road. She hoped her sleeping children hadn't heard it too. She wanted to talk to her husband, without them overhearing. Standing, she peered through the thickness of oak, sand pine and wild persimmon trees to see headlights bouncing above the furrowed road. Then, returned to her rocker to wait.”

Carolyn Breckenship discovers the man she married, is not only mean, he is a serial killer. He sees her as a weak and stupid woman. She is not. She gathers evidence of his crimes, which date back to his childhood. Before collecting proof of his crimes, Carrie suffers greatly at the hands of her husband. Still, she finds the strength and courage needed to carry on despite the urging of her friends that she give up and get out. 

Enter an old love, Gabe Stuttshire, and fireworks erupt. Gabe, having done well for himself since he left their hometown, has everything he ever wanted - except Carrie. Coming home to find her in peril stirs up old feelings and he becomes a rock for Carrie and the other friends he left behind. 

After a brutal attack by her husband, Carrie finally escapes with the truth, but so does Jim. He continues to wreak havoc on the little village until Gabe decides that Carrie has to leave town for her own safety. And, he has just the place for her to hide out. 

My Review

This book without a doubt captures your attention!

This story opens up and settles you right in. The writing style is smooth and natural. You almost feel as if you are not reading at all but watching it all play out in front of you. The visuals are so crystal clear that you glide through the words with ease and comfort even if the dialog is anything but consoling. There is conflict and a lot of passion coming from these characters so as a reader you are reeled right in. There is a coziness that I don't often feel from the books that I read. This author has the rare ability to tell a story that you not only feel a part of but get emotionally involved. There are gut wrenching moments that tug at your heart strings as you become a part of the landscaping.

I was so immersed in this story that I chose to put aside everything else I was doing so I could continue reading. I needed to know that everything was going to turn out alright. I couldn't walk away once I started and I didn't. There are moments of sheer terror that had me sucked in completely. My eyes were glued to the words as I finished the very last page.

Quote ~

"Carolyn felt Jim grab her by the hair, her scalp screamed for release. His rants sounded like a cartoon character in slow motion audio. She tried to look up at him, up where the distorted voice was coming from, but she could not make her eyes focus on his face. Blurred vision from the hit to her head and something else - What is that? No time to think of that now, she reasoned. Reaching up with both hands, she felt around until she found and clutched onto one of Jim's wrists. She may not be able to unwind his tightly wrapped fingers from her hair, but she could keep him from scalping her until he let go.
The screams emerging from her throat seemed to come from someone else, someplace else. As the darkness swept over her, Carolyn heard Copperhead barking and trying to scratch his way through the front door."

* This is a novella length prequel to Escape: Rough Hewn Book Two and an introduction to the families of this suspense filled trilogy. Learn their connections, secrets and the burdens carried through generations. 

In this, the first book of the Rough Hewn Trilogy, the Stuttshire and Breckenship families travel from beach to mountains and through hollows to find their paradise in the new world. Oliver Stuttshire has one thing in mind - to make a better life for his family. While working toward that end, he learns the hard way that sometimes, even those closest to you cannot be trusted. Carving a village out of the wild hills of the midsouth, he and his family welcome others whose descendants still live in the old homesteads. Murder, secrets and lies abound from the beginning. Family feuds are carried over for generations fed by evil that runs through the Breckenship bloodline.

My Review

There is evil in this Village and I can tell the danger will not lt up anytime soon.

The People of Kilmservy Village is written in a way that gently takes you in and carries you to a different time and place. The author has a natural talent that makes you as a reader feel comfortable and tells a story so full of life and vivid color.

The more I read the more I wanted to know what was going to happen next. This tale has heart and the turn of events were enough to peak my curiosity. The writing is crystal clear and pleasing. This emotional story is told with real life emotion.

"Oliver grabbed his wife around the waist, held her high and swung her around in a circle. When he lowered her to the ground, he kissed her softly on the cheek. "I haven't decided what I think of him yet. He strikes me as a man who is running from something. I could be wrong; maybe he's running from himself. I can tell you this; I see a family that needs a new life. This could be the thing that sets him right, if that's what he needs. I saw the weariness in his wife's face even though she tried to hide it from us. Let's pray they choose to go. That, my dear wife, is all I have to say about the subject tonight."

Minna Fuller finds herself in an odd predicament when her moonshine guzzling husband carelessly causes an accident that changes both their lives. Though relieved to have her life back, she would never have wished death on her husband. Being a man who always had to have the last word, Ziggy returns to their home to instruct her on how she should live the remainder of her life by offering a suggestion she finds far-reaching, even for him. Will Minna be able to rid her home of her husband’s ghost and finally get on with her life? Will she accept his blessing and set onto the path he envisions her taking or will she ignore him and the advice from her friends?

My Review

This spooky story had me on the edge of my seat. Just the thought of what Minna was going through sent shivers down my spine. This story grabbed my attention from the very beginning. The writing was clean and realistic. I was entertained all the way through as it was an enjoyable read.

What do you get when there is a wife, a brother, a mistress, and an adorable puppy? Oh, and I forgot to mention the dead guy!!! You get Ziggy Returns!

"Though exhausted, her sleep was restless that night. Dreams of a young Ziggy, a man barely out of his teens when they married invaded her subconscious. Their time together before he started sampling too much of the product he cooked up were happy times. Those were the years before he turned into a vile and cruel man. Dreams turned into nightmares of their life together in the final years of their marriage. Many times during the night she heard his voice...."


Nadia Kilrick is a Florida native who finds tranquility in the simple life of the Deep South. She believes there is no better place to contemplate life's journey than sitting beside a slow moving creek shaded by mighty moss-draped oaks. It's there that dreams burst free from within the chasms of the human heart.
Nadia has written fiction since childhood. The busyness of life and raising a family slowed the progress of her writing for two decades. When her children moved away, she began writing articles for the web. While writing articles related to gardening, family, self-sufficiency and do-it-yourself projects her passion for fiction writing quietly stirred. Now she writes fiction full time. Thriller, suspense/mystery and paranormal are her favorite genres to write. When reading, she reaches for psychological thrillers, true crime, mystery/suspense, horror, paranormal, western and historical fiction.
Nadia is pleased to be working with the fabulous team of people at Master Koda Select Publishing.

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  1. Another great one by Nadia Kilrick! I really enjoyed this one.

    1. You and me are such big fans! Clear, down to earth stories with a bang!

  2. I'm not sure how I missed this, Brenda, but now I see it! Imagine my surprise to see all my stories on one page! I'm humbled by your kind words. Thank you.

    Thank you, too, Jane! :)