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C.J. Peterson's 'Seasons of Change' is now on Amazon!

I am pleased to be able to share lovely C.J. Peterson's books with you today. I just finished her latest book, Seasons of Change and loved it. Her books are all faith-filled, gripping and inspiring. Great escapes into the unknown. 

How about a little Q & A :-)

Your real name and pen name.  
My real name and pen name is C.J. Peterson (maiden name).

Were you always a writer?
Yes, but I just entered the author field in 2012.

What languages can you speak and write? 
English and some Spanish. In this world or the internet, though, translations from many languages can be accessed easily.

What is your biggest source of inspiration in life?
Life itself. Little tidbits or even a song can become the foundations of a story line. We only need to keep our eyes and ears open. 

 Love that!!! What is the purpose of your writing? 
To get the messages contained within the books out to the world. Things happen every day. Sometimes these things can drag someone down, unless they know where their hope lies. In my case, my hope rests solely with God. He is where my hope and purpose come from.
My husband is the one who encouraged me to publish them when I read them to him. He said they could help someone. That is our goal in getting them published.

Any works in progress? 
Always. Right now I am working on Book 2 of the Grace Restored Series. This book, Winter’s Verdict, continues the inspirational story of Katie MacKenna.

What are your future plans? 
To continue writing and publishing. The response of the stories already published has propelled me to continue publishing the stories that are floating around in my brain. (Scary, I know!)

Wonderful C.J. What top four things do you consider while writing a book? 
I don’t have a ‘top 4’. Basically, I sit down at the computer, pray, and let the story flow. The only thing I think about is, “if I were watching this book as a movie, would I be bored?” If I would be, then I rewrite it. I like to keep things moving.

The last line of your autobiography would be…  

“She never gave up.”

Thank you C.J. Your stories are so inspiring!

Katie MacKenna experienced one storm after another in her life. When Leukemia stole her mother from her and her father, Katie was only seven-years-old, and her father didn’t know how to cope after such a catastrophic loss. His response was to shut down and become abusive. The overwhelming devastation which surrounded Katie throughout her journey in life forced her to shut down just to survive as well. 

Trust is a difficult thing for many people, but for Katie it’s virtually impossible. Every life has Seasons of Change. Will those seasons open Katie to new opportunities or will they forever isolate her in survival mode? Will she be able to overcome the storms that have surrounded her to answer a call for help? 

Ecclesiastes 3:1-4: 
To everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven: 2 A time to be born, and a time to die; a time to plant, and a time to pluck up that which is planted;3 A time to kill, and a time to heal; a time to break down, and a time to build up; 4 A time to weep, and a time to laugh; a time to mourn, and a time to dance.

My Review

"To every season, there is change."

Seasons of Change by C.J. Peterson moves at a good pace, captivating my interest right away. This gripping story moved me and I found myself becoming emotionally connected. The coming-of-age aspect was relatable as well as this young girls vulnerabilities. By the end, I was empowered by this girls emotional faith-filled story. Touched and inspired.

The writing is clear, precise and clean. Really easy to fall into the storyline that is packed with humanity and depth.

This is a story of hope, inspiration and true faith.

Quote ~

"That week in school, Katie did her best to hide her anxiety about her bruises. She brushed her feelings aside as best she could, focusing on having fun and forgetting that her home life often resembled a fine dance of walking on eggshells, fearful of saying or doing the wrong thing, and pretending that everything was perfectly normal."

Courageous. Brave. Fearless. Valiant. These synonyms are often used to describe firefighters/paramedics, police officers, and military personnel. They face danger and lay their lives on the line when they leave for work. What are their struggles? Could that hinder their job proficiency? Who is taking care of those who are taking care of the citizens of this country? 

Casey Carter is a 'newbie' to the firefighting family of Engine Company 15. Not only does she have to prove herself as a probationary firefighter, but she also has to battle misconceptions of females within her newly chosen profession. As situations begin to arise, can she count on the firefighter brotherhood to have her back? Will she be able to pass the tests placed before her, or are there aspects that she was not even aware existed? 

Often in life there are two realms in play. There is the physical realm - what is right before you; the other is the spiritual realm - what is unseen. Each can directly affect you, whether you believe they exist or not. Can Casey keep them in balance when she is not exactly sure what she is fighting? Can a group of men help her see what cannot be readily seen, hear what cannot be readily heard, and be able to overcome what she never knew existed? Will they be able to show Casey her true Call To Duty? 

Ephesians 6:12-13: 
12 For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places. 
13 Wherefore take unto you the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all, to stand. 

(A portion of the proceeds of this series will go to Airborne Angel Cadets of Texas – a non-profit group of hardworking volunteers who send care packages to our soldiers overseas.)

My Review

"The Call of Duty" is the first book in a trilogy. The author does a great job moving us seamlessly from one scene to the next, from moment to moment. From starting this book, I was instantly pulled in and moved by this easy to absorb story. It was a breeze to get caught up and raptured as I become familiarized with the people of the fire house.

This is a moving, emotional roller-coaster that had me anxious to learn what would come next. This is the kind of book that you won't want to put down. For me I kept reading much longer than I should have. While I should have been preparing dinner, I couldn't help but continue reading with a vengeance. It's so good to know that there is another book in the series just waiting to be read. This was an entertaining and yet intriguing escape. The author writes well while telling a great story.

Quote ~

"The room was silent for a couple moments. Casey was sure it was a blend of exhaustion, high emotions due to the fire itself, the accident, the idea of losing their partners, combined with the upcoming calling hours and funerals that had them all deep in thought. Emotions were high and energy was at an all-time low."

This is the second book in a trilogy that follows firefighter/paramedic Casey Carter and a special ops unit known as Angels. As their worlds collide, Casey has to figure out how to live two lives at once, balancing her firefighter family with her military family. 

Unbeknownst to her, things had gotten ‘hot’ around Casey.The Angels have stepped in to cover where Jack and Mac could no longer be, by providing safety and security for her on a twenty-four hour basis. But did she find something more than security within their ranks? 

See how the Angels, with help from a unique band of characters, were able to heal not only Casey’s body, but also rescue her mind and soul. See how events completely turn Casey’s life upside-down once again. Did it end up being for good…or will these events finally do her in? Will the Angels be able to protect Casey from those hunting her? 

I Peter 5:8: 
Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour.

My Review

Operation A.N.G.E.L.: The Holy Flame Trilogy brings you right back into Casey's life. It was easy to fall back into the story with its three dimensional characters. Very entertaining and intriguing not knowing what would happen next. This is an emotional story filled with drama, ongoing suspense and adventure.

This is a well-written book that is easy to get absorbed into with it’s unpredictable plot-line with a spiritual/religious undertone. CJ Peterson’s 2nd book continues to tell Casey’s story in the most compelling way.

Quote ~
"Imagine you were sick and went to the doctors office, and he told you that you would die if you didn't take a specific medication. Would you do it, or would you ask him if there was another way?"

With help from a unique band of characters in the Outback, Casey Carter was able to work through her past. However, will it prepare her for what is to come? What kind of battle will this be if the Angels of flesh and blood were battling against the unseen powers of darkness? This may be the deciding factor in Casey's struggle for freedom, but will it also be the end of the Angels?

My Review

“Angels Among Us” by CJ Peterson is the best installment yet. This is the third book in the trilogy and I have to say I was spellbound as I read the enticing conclusion. The author brings a life force to this series and this installment did not disappoint. I loved the heartfelt emotion and the real life anguish that went into the writing of this story. Again, I was drawn to the adventure that was Angels Among Us and I was glued to the pages reading for dear life so I could see where this was all going to lead. The author has a special gift of telling a story that is both original and not at all predictable. I would recommend starting at the beginning with “A Call To Duty.” You will not be disappointed by the heartfelt messages that are spread among the pages. I look forward to reading what comes next from this aspiring writer. Sometimes we just need an escape from our own lives and The Holy Flame Trilogy had everything that I look for in a good summer read. Well done. I may just be one of your biggest fans.


"There are times where we miss it, or we were taken by surprise by the enemy. Despite our best efforts, we are only human. Our enemy is a strong, clever, cunning, shrewd individual, and has outsmarted and outwitted us many times. His job is to hunt, kill, and destroy. Ours is to rescue, restore, and renew. Do not ever take him for granted - that is when he will get you."

Freedom. Many take it for granted in the United States. Yet, daily, people are held captive sometimes by people they love the most. Abuse is rampant, but often misunderstood by those who have never experienced it. The questions continuously arise, ‘Why did you stay?’ ‘Why didn’t you fight back?’ ‘No one will ever lay a hand on me!’ ‘If it were me, I would have left a long time ago.’ Could you really have left, if you felt like you had no choice? 

Pine Crest was a quiet little Ohio town, just outside of Cleveland. To the outside world, it seemed to function as any other town. However, upon closer inspection, Stacey and her father, Sam Spencer, discovered the dangerous secret that was this town’s reality. Corruption had such a massive stronghold, survival seemed to be the way of life. They couldn’t fight back, or the consequences could be so severe, it might literally cost them their lives.

Day after day, the town would pray for salvation from the corruption that ruled, even as some of their closest friends and family came up ‘missing’. The stronghold of the town was held by judges, lawyers, government, and even within the police department. It was rooted so deep, the only thing the town could do was to cry in silence to God for help. Their faith and trust in Him was their only solace, and rested completely in Him for their strength. Their cry did not land on deaf ears – it rarely does when God’s children cry out to Him.

When Sam and Stacey Spencer moved to Pine Crest, the corrupt around town took notice. And when they did not bend to their whims, they struck back. This time, though, they may have met their match. Can the Spencers help free this town from its bonds? Can God show them the strength that they have – and have always had – deep within themselves to persevere? 

President Ronald Reagan said it best, “If we ever forget that we are ‘One Nation Under God’, then we will be a nation gone under.”


I was raised in a Christian military home, but it was far from tranquil. Like many young people, I left home as soon as possible, and went my own way, thinking I knew better. To me anything was better than where I was. Unfortunately, some of the choices I made led me away from the Lord, and sometimes that path was a dangerous one.
God is faithful, even when His children are lost and wandering. When I needed Him most, the Lord was there for me. He led me out of that danger and into a new life...a life where I am loved and appreciated. He taught me what 'real love' is, and what it's supposed to look like through my family and wonderful husband.
Who knew that "Prince Charming" actually existed? I hoped and prayed he was out there, and I found him! He is a 24 year Navy veteran and the love of my life! With his encouragement, I rediscovered the creativity I thought I had lost a long time ago, and have begun to publish the books I have written through the years. The words in these books helped me through my struggles, and my prayer is they will help others.
The way in which I write my Christian Books, is unique to say the least. I am a realistic Christian. People are people, they stumble, they fall, they trip, but God continues to dust us off, and set us back on the path again, if we just learn to trust in Him.
The challenges faced in my past give me a perspective on the realities of living the Christian life that some people may never see. There are times we wander away from God...there are times when we draw closer to Him. In our arrogance we think we can make it on our own. However, the One who made this world, and who made you, has the answers, and thankfully, He forgives our impudence and petulance and loves us through it all. God is a God of love, mercy, grace, and guidance. He loves us and only wants the best for us.
Those who have read my books, describe them as encouraging, frustrating, and a wonderful read all at the same time. The same character that could have you crying one minute, will have you cheering the next! One of my editors, stated that 'she was so into the story, that she forgot to edit, and had to go back to do the editing'.
I pray you will enjoy my books as well!

While the stories are fiction, the journey is real.

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