Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Desolate by Stephanie Binding is now on!

New #YA book alert by a lovely young lady from Canada. Stephanie Binding has a bright future with this brand new release.

Camilla Lopez, a once privileged sophomore in high school, finds herself lost and alone in an unfamiliar world. Faced with mountainous obstacles from violence to multiple losses that test her resilience to the extreme, she is left feeling overwhelmed and despondent. Surprisingly, Camilla begins to build unshakable bonds with unlikely people in unlikely places; people who lift her out of her sorrows to the heights of love she is destined to reach.

My Review 

Desolate by Stephanie Binding is a well-written story that tugs at your heartstrings and touches you deep down inside. This young author writes with spirit and a kind of simplicity and honesty that makes you believe every single word, even knowing this story is fictional.

The sadness and desperation feels real and I am swept up into this emotional story. There is a stunningly beautiful quality to this authors language and a naïveté that is so precious that it brings me back to my own youth with all the self-doubt and uncertainty. This suspenseful story had me glued to the pages in anticipation.

Desolate is a story of strength and perseverance. A moving unusual love story that will break your heart and at the same time remind you of your first love.

This is a true survivors story. A message of hope.