Wednesday, August 20, 2014

One Part Good: The Stories by Janni Styles is now on

Today I am sharing Janni Styles, One Part Good: The Stories, a touching collection of stories written from the heart. I had the privilege of reading an advance copy!

Janni Styles, Award Winning writer of fiction and poetry, debuts her first collection of short stories in "One Part Good." All among us can relate to coming of age, adapting to old age, coping with rage or turning a whole new page. Read all in one sitting or one at a time, these stories will leave you thinking. Is aging as hard as we think? Are all teens troublesome? Is pure love possible between two wayward hearts? When there is nothing left but love, sometimes we learn love is all we need.

My Review:

This is a beautiful collection of stories, One Part Good: The Stories by Janni Styles which caught me by surprise. The writing is clear and heartfelt. There is real-life emotion running through these pieces that made them irresistible for me to put down. This was a quick read that got me thinking about life and my own experiences. There is a special quality to the authors voice. I would give this a full hearted five stars that are well deserved.  Without giving the essence away, I was pleasantly pleased. The honesty and the realness that the author shared made this a beautiful experience. I highly recommend.

Quote from Dance Lessons

“With that, she'd blow us kisses from between her neatly polished fingernails and be gone again, leaving us to navigate the eggshell mines on our own. Ardette and I were only twelve but we were already witnessing the best coping technique for difficult personalities that we could ever hope to put into practice. Ardette wasn’t as outspoken as I was but we both realized the power in that coping technique Aunt Frances had honed on our mother the first time I used it on a teacher when we were in the seventh grade together.”



  1. If not for you (a song by Olivia Newton John) - is so true! Were you not spurring me on, encouraging me and supporting me, quitting would have been so easy. This is your achievement, too, Brenda! Big Hugs to you and Much Gratitude. <3 <3 <3

  2. Brenda is definitely the encourager! Great post...can't wait to read, Janni!