Sunday, June 1, 2014

Please help Author Arlene R O'Neil who needs surgery to rebuild her leg

Today I come to you all with a plea of help. Arlene R O’Neil is one of the most giving people I know. She is not a taker and never will be. It was so hard to convince her to let me take on this challenge to get her the assistance she needs right now. She has to undergo an intense hip surgery. This will make this her fifth surgery in total. 

In Arlene’s powerful memoir, “Broken Spokes” she writes about the accident she had on her bike when she was just a little girl. In this story you suffer right along with Arlene as she shares the hardships she had to endure. Our Arlene is a fighter and is not about to give up. She has so much to live for. She has goats and dogs that are her babies along with her grown son,Tanner who has been in the army for 13 years, five tours of duties, won a bronze star and continues to fight for our country. 

Besides her family, Arlene has many friends that love and adore her. That is because of the person she is.

But she can’t do this without our help. There are times in life when we need to reach out to others for support. After much convincing Arlene has agreed to let me start a Go Fund Me page for her. She knows without the help she will not be able to have the surgery that might very well save her and her leg. This surgery is long overdo. 

All support and prayers are welcomed. It takes a village and I am here to come together to help this woman who so desperately needs us now.

To join the Facebook event set up in Arlene's honor, please click here ...

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  1. Such a worthy cause. Arlene is one of the most caring, giving people that I know and it is a privilege to be able to return to her what she has given to so many others.

    1. Thank you for all of your support Jane. :-)

    2. Thank you both so very much!!

    3. Want to help as much as possible. You need to work on getting better Arlene. :-)