Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Author Rhonda Patton is on a mission to outlaw bullies!

While on Facebook marketing "Ty the Bull" I  was looking for others who write about bullies and came across Author Rhonda Patton. Besides writing several children's books she has also published books on depression. She is multi-talented and shares positive messages to her readers. She is a very generous person and wants to spread her inspiration all over.

Rhonda is a giver. She does children's book reviews free… under 50 pages and has graphics design page. She makes the best banners at a low cost.

Her book "Grayson the BULLY Frog with Ted and Raymond" caught my attention. I love that the author is getting the word around that bullies are not cool. She is on a mission to see that there are no more bullies left in this world! 

"Grayson is the Biggest frog who loves to Bully other frogs. In this book he gets taught a lesson. Also, this story shows kids how when one gets bullied how one feels."


Rhonda is a Children's book writer, a mother, and wife. She is a children's book reviewer. Rhonda goes to college full-time as a graphics designer. Ted and Raymond came from a story that she created from another story of her own. Rhonda encountered a little frog one day and ever since she became fascinated with collecting frogs, then writing about them. Ted and Raymond are frog friends, who loves to tell their story and help others. Rhonda hopes you will enjoy her frog friends and other stories she has to tell.
She is inspiring kids to be better.

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