Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Star: The Story of One Duck's Rise to Fame by Sue Hayman is now on Amazon.com!

I have a feel good story to share with you today, Star The Story of One Duck's Rise to Fame. I was fortunate enough to get an advanced copy and this book really touched me. This is a heart warming true-life story which highlights Star, a special duck,her dad Barrie and his wife Sue. 
Star and Barrie areSoul mates in their own right. 

I love how Barrie and Sue share the giving spirit by their ongoing charitable acts. There should be more people in the world like these two special people.

This true story follows the life of an Indian Runner duck called Star, who decided from the beginning that he preferred humans to ducks. 
Although happily married to someone half his age, Barrie was struggling to enjoy life. He was now officially retired and was sinking into a depression, missing his adventures as an actor and scuba instructor, along with suffering from poor health. An immediate and unusual bond of kindred spirits developed when Star came into his life. Recognising Star was different, the two of them embarked on an incredible journey. They became inseparable and went everywhere together, becoming celebrities with an international following. Wanting to make the best use of the celebrity status, Barrie and Star dedicated themselves to the Children's Hospice South West. Not only did they go and visit the poorly children, they also went out busking on the street, raising thousands of pounds for the charity. We see how they honed their double act, entertaining and warming the hearts of all those who met them. 

Told by Star's mum, this is a funny and heart-warming tale of one man and his duck, but with the darker side of every day life threatening to stop them both in their tracks. 

My Review
"Star: The Story of One Ducks Rise to Fame" by Sue Hayman is an adorable story about a special "Indian Runner" duck named Star whose personality matches its name.

I loved learning about Star and all the other precious animals and how much love went into raising them. What a sweet story. I fell in love with the Hayman family. No matter how quirky they could appear they evoked everything good.

Who would think a duck would catch so much attention but this was not just any duck. This was Star Hayman, or more accurately a "Hollywood duck" and what a duck he is. It must have been so uplifting for people to get to see something positive in the news for a change. This upbeat story is one with heart and compassion. 

Reading about all the exciting things that took place was so amusing and entertaining. Will have to go on Facebook and YouTube (starduckonline) and have a look for myself. Of course, if not for Barrie and the affection that Star had for him none of this would be possible. Barrie being a natural comedian had all audiences in stitches. Even his wife Sue found him surprisingly funny, though at times she feared what would come out of his mouth next.

This story is about people and humanity. There is more to this duck than meets the eye and I feel fortunate to have had the pleasure of being introduced to this beautiful animal and these extremely giving people. More than anything, this real-life tale has heart and soul. This story also brings to light the importance of Children's Hospice and charitable acts in general.

In many ways this is a story of survival. Beautifully told and filled with grace.

Do you believe in destiny? I believe I do.


"After a very long wait, the first one finally hatched. The little duckling appeared, and to our surprise looked like a miniature dinosaur: something straight out of Jurassic Park, and very gangly. How had it once fit into the egg now that it had unravelled itself? At first it just lay there, probably completely exhausted from the exertion of getting out of the egg, but then it popped its head up, gingerly stood, and moved away from its egg. When to intervene? Could we go in and get it yet or should we wait? We had no idea what to do." 

Born and raised in Chatham, Kent, Sue then went to university in London where she completed a degree in Leisure Management, including a gap year spent working in the Canadian Rockies. After working in London for a few years, she went backpacking in New Zealand and Australia. It was during her time working in Melbourne she met her husband Barrie and they returned to the UK together. After a few years living in Kent, they eventually moved and settled in Devon where they have lived for over10 years. Sue and Barrie don't have children together, choosing animals instead. They currently have 2 dogs, Drake and Meggie, and their famous duck, Star. 

The writing of “Star: The Story of One Duck's Rise to Fame” was a real surprise to Sue, who up until that point, had never thought of becoming an author. However, the incredible events taking place with Barrie and Star gave plenty of content where a story was just asking to be told.

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