Monday, April 14, 2014

Lynne and Hope by Joey Paul

Joey Paul has fast become one of my favorite YA authors. She brings me back to a more innocent time in my life when I got so much enjoyment from reading books like Harriet the Spy and the Nancy Drew Mysteries. I love her spunk, sarcastic wit and her zest for life. All those things surely come out in her stories.

Today I am sharing Lynne and Hope but this is just one of many great books that Miss Paul has written in her short life. In my mind she might just be the next best thing! Just adjust to the UK way of saying things and her books will make you cheer for the outcast and laugh like a hyena. 

Lynne and Hope  are sisters – they share parents, living space, but that’s pretty much it. 

Until one day when Lynne has to run and rely on the sister she hates to save her. 

If Hope fails, Lynne’s going to jail and she can kiss her perfect job goodbye, but if she succeeds will Lynne be able to swallow her pride and see Hope for who she really is?

My Review:

I absolutely love this authors relatable, touchable, and easy writing style and the ongoing sarcastic humor. She has a way of taking you in as if you've been there the whole time. There is a realness to this story (and the authors others) that not only pull on your heartstrings but connects you as a reader. Reminds me of my favorite children's author, Judy Blume in the way the author allows you to make the story your own. This is not a compliment to take lightly as I can't recall ever saying this about another writer. It's a real gift to tell a story where it's reader instantly connects.

Lynne & Hope is a meaningful story that could be real though it is labeled as fiction. I believed ever line, every bit of of conversational style dialog, every morsel I ate up and felt a connection. I so enjoyed the humorous moments that had me laughing out loud. So clever and oh so entertaining! Even though the main character Hope is paralyzed it is never a pity party. This is a touching, upbeat story that I so enjoyed.

This mystery is so intriguing that if you are anything like me you won't want to do anything else but read so you can find out what happens.


"Is your sister upstairs?" Ah, now I didn't want to lie and say she was but at the same time I wasn't about to announce that I didn't know where she was on account of her doing a runner.
"I don't know," I lied. Though it wasn't really a lie because she could be upstairs in a hotel somewhere and Mum hadn't really defined which upstairs she meant. Okay, so it was a lie.

Joey is 32, disabled, a writer and part time student studying towards a degree in Health and Social Care. She loves to write and is at the moment working on her eleventh and twelfth books, as well as preparing her seventh book for publication. She started writing when she was medically retired from her job at the age of 19. Her first book was released in 2005 and after a brief time away, her second one was released in 2011. In addition to writing books, she also enjoys reading them and can often be found resting in bed with a good book, a cat and an ukulele.


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