Sunday, April 27, 2014

Altered by Dianne Gardner is on sale for 99¢ on!

Dianne Gardner's new book, Altered is on sale for 99¢ on  It seems everything she touches is golden.

 This courageous YA story that has mystery, adventure, humanity and creativity.

The Privatol invades American soil, and crops propel the engine. Uncontrollable tyranny has succeeded in dictating where people live, what they do, and what they eat. When Abree, a spunky twelve-year-old is taken away to learn the process of modifying seed to Newly Constructed Food she discovers an evil plan that could alter the fate of the human race, and a way out if only she can escape to tell the others.

My Review
Altered is a sophisticated story with many layers in the edgy plot. Within the first few lines I was lost into this dramatic eye-opening story. The writing is impeccable and so descriptive that you can see the characters with your very own eyes, or your imagination, that is. The authors use of language is poetic and yet readable. This is a very easy story to follow and an adventure that takes you right in. Every emotion is felt and this tale becomes personal.

I really enjoyed this suspenseful satisfying escape as I was captured and raptured into the unknown. Hoping for a peaceful resolve. This tale is clever, chilling and wildly compelling. So much so that I read Altered in one sitting. I must applaud the author. This is not just a YA book but one I think everyone would find entertaining. Highly recommend checking this book out. It is a rare beauty.

This is a story of survival and fighting for what you believe is right. Empowering for both males and females.


Lights filled the van as the trooper’s car closed in. Ivana’s heart leapt to her throat when red and blue flashers invaded their vehicle. A siren sounded. Ivana pulled over and rolled down her window, but she didn’t turn the engine off. She dared not look into the back of the van for fear she’d give away her friends’ camouflage. Every movement she made could be used against her. She bit into her gum and tried to calm her racing heartbeat.

The Pacific Northwest is my home. After living in the dry desert of Arizona for over 23 years, I tired of always praying for rain, so I decided to come and get it on my own. Gray skies and deep forests give way to the most glorious summers you could ever imagine. Not to mention the abundance of berries, clams, oysters, salmon, fruits of all kinds, to me the Puget Sound area of Washington is the richest place in the world. 
I have seven children, all grown. Sixteen grandchildren that need stories written, and so they are my inspiration.

People always find it fascinating that I lived in a mud house for over 13 years, hauling water from the well in a bucket, cooking on a wood stove, planting blue corn in desert washes, and generally living out of the box. Some of these experiences are tapped into my novels. 
My website is You’ll find books, audios, artwork and how our movie production is coming along on that site.

Dianne Gardner, an award winning author, is also an illustrator living in the Pacific Northwest, USA. She's an active member of the Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators, and the National League of American Pen Women. Her Ian’s Realm series is published by PDMI Publishing LLC along with four short stories in the A Tale of the Four Wizards series. Her most recent book Altered will be published this year by Master Koda Publishing. She writes for middle grade and young adults targeting boys and adventure loving girls, and the young at heart.


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