Monday, February 24, 2014

S.A. Molteni's new book, "A Special Bull" is FREE on Now through 2/28

I am excited to share some really sweet moving short stories with you today by author S.A. Molteni. Her stories are written with heart and with a special tenderness that many people can surely relate to. Her new book "A Special Bull" has just been released on and this book is free through Friday, Februrary 28th. Please grab an ebook at no cost while you can. :-)
All Alyssa wanted was to move to the country and help Jeff with raising farm animals on his small plot of land. Little did she know that this one desire would lead to an entirely "different" kind of life for her and for one special bull.

My Review

A Special Bull is a down to earth short story. I love how natural this author writes about everyday events. She takes you right in and brings you with her. There is just something so fresh and uncomplicated in the writing. Kind of like a breath of fresh air. This is a slice of life from middle America. An everyday story that is not at all ordinary I realized as I dove further into the narrative. A Special Bull is written with passion and love. Not everything as it seems and this story becomes a bit of a fantasy with an interesting twist.

“As Alyssa dozed off to sleep, she entered a world she mostly kept to herself. Her dreams were a constant reminder of the life she left behind and the years of craziness she had escaped from just a few short months ago.
Falling into a deeper sleep, her subconscious felt that something was different, not the same visions of all the bad choices she had made in the past. No, this dream was not like the others.”
Fade to Gray is a hilarious account of one woman's attempt to transition to gray as easily and as quickly as possible.

My Review

Fade to Gray is an adorable story that had me chuckling to myself. It was all told as if in living color. Not just gray! The writing is down to earth and inviting. I really enjoyed this sweet little escape from my own "age" issues. There is a great message that I was delighted to read. It's funny, real and emotional at the same time. The vulnerability was realistic, relatable and touching. I applaud the author for writing this for us all to enjoy.

Fear of the unknown and fear of getting and looking old exists and should be talked about more.

"Like Edwards Scissorhands attacking a topiary tree, Laura proceeded to trim and style my hair with a speed that scared me. When she was done, I saw my new self in the mirror for the first time. As Laura stood in silence, I sat in utter disbelief at the results of this four-hour experiment and took a few minutes to take it all in.”
Her Name was Half Calf is a non-fiction short story about the life and death of a pet cow.

My Review

Her Name was Half Calf is a gripping short story filled with humanity.

This emotional tale about a cow, Half Calf touched me. This is a heartfelt story that is filled with passion and heart wrenching devotion. The real life emotion fills your senses every step of the way. The writing is clear, to the point and the emotions shared are realistic and relatable. What a sweet moving slice of life!

"We tried several more times to get her to her feet. On the last attempt, she screamed the most haunting, blood-curdling moo that we had ever heard come from a cow. It was her way of saying, "Stop. I am done. No more."

S.A. Molteni is currently a systems engineer in the banking industry. In her free time, she is a hobby farmer and writer. She lives on a small homestead with her husband of 15 years and a menagerie of farm animals.
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