Thursday, February 20, 2014

Nicole Storey's BLIND SIGHT (THE CELADON CIRCLE) is on sale for 99¢

Today I am pleased to share Blind Sight (The Celadon Circle) by Nicole Storey which just happens to be on sale for 99¢

"Jordan has visions of monsters, demons, and death. Seventeen, orphaned, and born into the family business, she doesn’t have friends, she doesn’t have choices. Her uncle, older brothers, and a few annoying angels dominate her life, demanding she tow their lines – and the punishment is severe when those lines are crossed. 

When Jordan is ordered to help hunt down a monster, she’s not sure which she dreads more: the elusive, blood-thirsty creature or spending time in a cramped backwoods cabin with a brother who despises her. To make matters worse, a demon shows up and warns Jordan that she could be her family’s next assignment. 

In a game between Good and Evil where God seems to have tapped out early, lines are blurred and not everything is as it seems. Jordan learns a little too late that the real monster is closer than she thinks."
My Review

"Rules of the circle were fed to Jordan with her baby food."

Blind Sight brings you right into the dark, destructive setting where blood is splattered everywhere. The visual, not a pretty one is clear as the author takes you into this horrible nightmare.

There is humanity to this story as Jordan herself has true life emotions that makes you feel for her. I loved her sarcastic nature and witty comebacks. Even though there are demons, monster-like creatures, Slayers and even angels there were many comedic moments that made me laugh out loud.

The writing is edgy, fresh and easy to follow with so many clever lines such as, "Memories of her father swept over her like desert sand, leaving her soul parched, longing for something it couldn't have."

The story is easy get absorbed into and the mysterious adventure is fun and at times gruesome as the lines between good and evil are not quite clear. Nothing is certain except for the optimism that hangs in the air.
Nicole Storey lives in the hot and humid part of Georgia with her husband, two amazing children, and plethora of pets. When she isn't traveling to magical realms with potty-mouthed pixies or fighting demons, she enjoys reading and reviewing books, blogging, and gardening.
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