Tuesday, January 14, 2014

“Racing the Reaper” by Jerrid Edgington is available on Amazon.com

Jacob Myers, a Paramedic, ends up with a psycho stalker that won't take no for an answer. How does he deal with her craziness and get away from her? 

Let’s WOW this Wednesday with Jerrid Edgington’s new medical thriller “Racing the Reaper” is now available on Amazon.com.

Jerrid Edgington known as "The Edge" synopsis for Racing the Reaper: Book One

Jacob Myers was a normal, average, run of the mill kind of guy. He often felt that his life was meant for something greater. But without any formal education, he was stuck at a mundane office job. That all changed one night when he suffered a spinal cord injury that nearly left him paralyzed and trapped in a wheel chair. Through his recovery process, he found the direction in his life he’d been longing for; to get a job in EMS. Jacob suffered through mistake after mistake with his new job, but began to learn how to deal with life and death situations, as well as the emotional and physical rigors the job put him through. After two years as an EMT-Basic, he went to Paramedic school. Upon completion, he took to the streets and had to learn a completely new set of rules. As if his job wasn’t difficult enough, Jacob had a stalker that was a former patient. She made his life a living hell. In dealing with life and death, then a stalker, Jacob wasn’t sure if he’d made the right career choice. Along with seeing the things he did in the field, his he began to question his faith in God. Would he survive the streets and the psychotic stalker, Becca? 

Jerrid Edgington has been a Paramedic since 1997 working in four different states. He is currently living and working in Poteau, Oklahoma where he is a Paramedic for Le Flore County EMS. He is happily married to Jody, and they've recently had an addition to their family on October 16th when they were blessed with the birth of Zoey, their daughter. Jerrid spent several years as a semi-professional football player, officiated high school varsity football and basketball, and also enjoys woodworking as well as writing in his spare time. 
Jerrid is currently writing a medical fiction thriller series called Racing the Reaper.

Baby Zoey:-)

Twitter- @jerridedgington


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