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Serena Akeroyd's The Naughty Nookie series

Serena Akeroyd has kind of taken over my blog today and I am more than happy to hand it over!!! So here you go... please meet my sexy friend Serena!!

I’d like to say the inspiration from my novels came from dreams. But considering I write erotica, peeps would be wondering what kind of weird ass dreams I have on a night. Either that, or they’d be jealous, want to inspect my diet for minute evidence in search of a way they too could have naughty dreams… But I’m afraid I’ll have to disappoint. Usually, inspiration comes about ten minutes before bedtime. Not so cool, eh?
You’re probably wondering who this crazy person is, well, it isn’t Brenda. She’s kindly let this geek on to her blog, and the person in question is the author of the Naughty Nookie series, Serena Akeroyd. As I type this, I’m waving at you. Promise.
I did actually stop and wave. Good girls don’t tell fibs. ;)
So, the Naughty Nookie series didn’t come to me in a dream, it came to me about five minutes before I drifted away into the Sandman’s arms. And the next morning, when I actually remembered it, I took that as a sign from up high. Sure, the series is erotica, but I like to think of it as much more than that. How about an exploration of a person? The journey that person takes, when she meets the one. Personally, it’s all about love to me. Not about the S-E-X, but as that’s a byproduct of love, to my mind, romance novels need that aspect. What is sex but a physical manifestation of emotions? Okay, yeah, maybe not with every single college student, but when love is involved, what’s the best way to show it?

Can Be Gold was released this Friday and it’s the final part of Mona Barranquet’s story. It deals with all of the issues raised in parts one (Fall Into Love), two (Crazy Little Thing Called Lust) and three (All That Glitters). It tells the tale of a not-so-happy woman, drifting through her life and then, as she meets Zane, it all changes.
So, feminists might not approve of Mona’s requiring a guy to get her back on track, but it isn’t about that. The entire story is about Mona realizing who she is, what she’s capable of and why she deserves to have a guy like Zane – think action hero, drool-worthy demi-God. 
She isn’t plain, she isn’t beautiful, she’s average. Like most people on earth. But these four parts are like watching her awaken from her chrysalis. And that’s the only way I can think to describe it. She was a caterpillar, in hibernation and now, she’s a butterfly. Of course, life is never easy and the story reflects it, but still! The sentiment is there. 
I’m currently working on the next character to go under the microscope; Mona’s best friend, Marina and I’m loving where I’m at. :D  The Naughty Nookie series is my first self-published work to be on sale and the feedback I’ve had, from reviews and people just contacting me through social networking sites, has been immense. My details are below, so please feel free to connect with me. I do love me a chat! 
I will warn you; this series is most definitely NSFW. If you don’t like explicit scenes, then this isn’t for you. But know this, it isn’t sex for sex’s sake. It’s because of love.
And maybe money is what makes the world go round, but wouldn’t it be a much nicer place if love was that pivot. 
Thanks for having me, Brenda. 
Serena Akeroyd
Putting the Raunch in Romance!
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Before we say goodbye to the lovely Serena, here is my review for FALL INTO LOVE:
It is easy to Fall Into Love with this sexy and somewhat poetic story. The writing is smart and clever and the story (yes there is a story) is quite arousing. I was lured in from the very first page and my eyes remained glued until the last. This fast paced story was not only intoxicating but at the same time wildly entertaining.

"And while it sickens me to think that I've wasted more time on my ex, it's quite a relief to think that my lack of suitors doesn't stem from unfortunate comparisons to the Cinderella's sitting opposite me. I'm not an ugly stepsister. I'm more like Sleeping Beauty. But I didn't need Prince Charming to wake me up. I can manage that by myself."

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  1. Wonderfully upbeat post ... kudos to you Serena on the launch of Can Be Gold, n x