Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Inspiring Teens Blog Hop Welcomes Charlotte Blackwell with a a Rafflecopter Giveaway

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My guest today is the very talented Charlotte Blackwell who just finished her fourth book in the Embrace Series about a female vampire, her family, friends and finding true love. :-)

Book 1 Immortal Embrace
As a vampire, Sophia has always kept to herself, but as a high school student will she learn to step out of her comfort zone a little? Sophia has found a best friend in a powerful witch and a love to call her own. That is until something tragic happens and blood is spilled. Will Sophia be able to resist the sweet scent of her beloved’s blood?
This is Sophia’s story, a story of a girl who finds herself, love and everlasting friendship. The excitement of this story wraps mortals, vampires, witches, and shape shifters all into a romantic tale of young love, friendship, the meaning of family. The story of a girl who tries to finds herself when she thought it was all lost.

Here are Charlotte's thoughts on reading and writing as well as learn a little bit about what she’s currently working on.  Charlotte has also generously offered 5 free ebooks. Learn how to win them on her rafflecopter giveaway on this page.


1. Reading
Why do you think Teen Read Week is important? 
Encouraging teens to read is one of the best things we can do. To read not only do you learn new things, it activates your imagination, feelings, senses and so much more. I not only disliked reading as a teen, I hated it. If I had only known all the amazing worlds I was missing out on. It can take you away from your everyday stresses that so many teens seem to face these days.

How do you think we could encourage youngsters to read more?
Writing stories that they can relate to or completely escape reality with. Keeping up with how teens act and talk is important, we as writers want to connect.

When you were a teenager what books did you like to read and did you have an all-time favourite character?
As I said before I didn’t like reading, but when I did my favourite story was Heidi.

2. Writing
Were you writing as a teenager? If so, what were you writing and what inspired you? Did a person inspire you to write?
I used to write letters, all my feelings went into letters to people that I never gave them. This taught me to put emotion into my writing.

Do you think today’s teens are in a better position if they want to be a writer than you were all those years ago (hee hee)?
In a lot of ways it is easier now, but in so many more ways it’s more difficult. With so many ways to self-publish and indie publishers almost anyone can publish a book. The hard part comes from marketing, sales and just putting out quality work that readers will notice.

What advice would you give a youngster who enjoys writing?
It doesn’t matter if your passion is writing, singing, dancing or sports. If you love it, keep at it and most of all believe in yourself, and put forth the effort. For writing, join a group, let others read your work and take the constructive criticism. Every little bit helps to improve your craft and make you better at what you love.

3. Your books
What is your latest book about?
My most recent publication is Everlasting Embrace. It is the fourth book in my Embrace Series about a female vampire, her family, friends and finding true love. Of course nothing is ever easy and with the help of some powerful witches she puts up the fight of her life.

Are you working on anything new at the moment?
I am working on an adult romance and book 5 of the Embrace Series. Both of these books have taken me longer than anything I have ever written, but I hope that just means the finished product will be the best yet.

What do you love about being an author?
I can put whatever I’m feeling into my books. For example, there was a person I didn’t like very much. She did terrible things to me and my family. So I made her a villain in my books and killed her off, made me feel so much better. On the happier side of things I get to add all the amazing things that happen to me or that I see or even wish for. The world of writing is an open door and even for the author it is a complete and total escape from the reality of sitting in front of a computer.

If you would like a chance to win Charlotte's Forbidden Embrace please join: a Rafflecopter giveaway

During her younger years Charlotte was friendly and outgoing, but never really voice her opinions and felt more comfortable falling behind the shadows of those around her. Something she hope to help others avoid. She began writing as a way to express her feelings, without having to confront those around her. As Charlotte grew and had a family of her own, she learned the importance of standing up for what you believe in and always staying true to one’s self. Then one day the writing took over. Charlotte soon realized through writing she could combined her love for the paranormal and her children.


  1. Great interview! And I'm so gonna get Charlotte's books. Brenda, you know I love vampires, witches and shape shifters :)

  2. Writing is a great way to combine loves, interests, passions and more... and to share them. Great interview.