Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Nicole Storey's Cover Reveal and Excerpt for her upcoming release, Grimsley Hollow: The Longest Days of Night (Book 4 in the Grimsley Hollow Series)

Today I am excited to share an excerpt from Nicole Storey's upcoming release and new cover for  Grimsley Hollow: The Longest Days of Night (Book 4 in the Grimsley Hollow Series)
“He was burning. The toxin coursed slowly through his veins like liquid napalm. It set his blood to boil before searing every drop away, leaving him parched, desiccated. His swollen tongue scraped along the roof of his mouth like sandpaper. What he wouldn’t give for a drink of water – anything -- to put out the raging fire that consumed his body.
The boy tried to move his hand, but the intense pain kept him immobile. How long had he been in this state? It felt like days (weeks?) since he first began this suicide mission; since pain and darkness overtook him and dragged him down to this place where no one else could reach. Was it worth this suffering? Would the plan work or would he be forever condemned to a life of savagery and isolation?

He felt something, maybe a bone, pop out of place in his shoulder area. The boy clenched his teeth even tighter to keep from crying out. He knew it was dangerous for children to undergo the change; the toxin was too strong for their underdeveloped bodies. Often, bones would have to shift and break to make room for the increase of mass and muscle. The boy was not sure who was in the room with him, keeping vigil by the bed in which he lay, but he sensed someone, even though he could not hear them. He did not want to upset them more than they already were. The ever-increasing beat of his own heart filled his ears, pounding like a Native American hymn in his head, drowning out all other sound. 
Another sharp pain was accompanied by a crack, followed by another. One by one, his ribs splintered like kindling to make room for his expanding chest. That, on top of the blistering heat that continued to cook him from the inside out, proved too much. Gage screamed, his body arching in the middle like someone possessed, before he succumbed to the longest days of night.”
It might be  good time to start at the beginning!!!!

"Gage Gilbert is an eleven-year-old boy who has autism, loves Halloween, and has no friends. Although he has always been happy with the safety and security of his family, he longs for a real friend and adventure - not just the ones he makes up in his head. Then, he meets Eve.
Eve is a young witch from another world called Grimsley Hollow. It's where all magical beings live in safety and peace, but their world is in trouble. Gage is the only one who can help save them from an evil witch who has taken control.

With Eve's help (along with a sarcastic pixy, a trouble-making werewolf, and a half-vampire), Gage travels to Grimsley Hollow. Together, they begin a journey that will change them all. It's a dangerous race against evil, where creatures unheard of stalk the land under a harvest moon and monsters that only exist in dreams become real.

Gage wanted friends and adventure, but he had no idea they would come at such a dangerous price. Can one autistic boy defeat an evil witch and help save his new friends? Travel to Grimsley Hollow and find out!"

"Grimsley Hollow is the home of all the magical creatures who once lived on Earth. Evil forces are trying to take over this realm, and destroy the peace and respect which has existed between different races. Eve, a young witch, records in her journal the events which lead them to seek the one person who can help them survive: The Chosen One."

For ages 12 – 120
A story that proves not all superheroes wear a cape.

"Grimsley Hollow is under attack again. Is Inari is trying to seize the Key of Opa and take control of all the magical people and fantastic creatures who live there or is she under the power of someone even more insidious, greedy and evil? Nazar has kidnapped Siren, a young Werewolf, hoping to draw out his family and friends, especially the thirteen year old autistic boy who holds the Key. Nazar has aligned himself with groups of werewolves and other creatures who have broken from the rule of peaceful Queen Aradia, and now believes he's invulnerable to any tricks or spells that would protect the Key. Nazar doesn't realize there is nothing stronger than the bond of friendship, nothing more enduring than the ties of family, and nothing more powerful than a boy who has discovered his own self worth and the magic that comes with believing in himself."

This is Nicole’s latest venture....

"Jordan's life seems to be going in circles. Orphaned, home-schooled and born into the family business, she doesn't have a lot of friends, she doesn't have a lot of choices. Her life is dominated by her uncle, her older brothers and a couple of annoying Angels who expect her to get off her backside and keep Evil in check. All she wants is a few days to herself, to relax, to dream and to listen to her Daughtry cds, but that isn't happening. Oh, well. Everyone has their demons."


Nicole Storey lives in the hot and humid part of Georgia with her husband, two amazing children, and plethora of pets. When she isn't travelling to magical realms with potty-mouthed pixies or fighting demons, she enjoys reading and reviewing books, blogging, and gardening.
You can find Nicole here
Twitter @Nicole_Storey

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  1. I just finished "Search for Siren" and am excited about the next book in the series. I have read all of Nickie's books and have to say I'm very impressed. She is an excellent author.